Monday, November 3, 2014

FREE Study Guide for Women in the New Testament!

I am very excited to share the project that I have been working on the last few months. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time and I am so excited it is ready!

I've put together study guides to go along with my new book, "Walking with the Women of the New Testament." I had the help of Heidi from A Lively Hope and they turned out wonderful.
Click on picture to order a copy
Click on picture to order a copy

 Each study guide contains three pages about each woman (or group of women) in the New Testament. The first page lists the scripture references and space for you to record what you learn while you read. The second page provides lots of room for you to record other thoughts and questions you had or things you learned as you studied. On the third page I have provided questions for additional study, prompts and study suggestions that should help you make your study of these women more effective and meaningful.  Here are the study pages for Mary, the mother of Jesus.

There were too many women to put them all into one study guide so I broke it up into two. Volume one covers all the women in the four Gospels (Matthew- John) and Volume 2 covers all the women in the epistles (Acts- Revelations). They are both about 100 pages long.

Each study guide also contains additional study pages in the back that you can photo copy and paste into your study guide as you study individual women. There are pages for you to do a compare and contrast, a character/topic sketch, a storyboard, a timeline, and blank map pages. I have also included a bookmark with study prompts that you can print off and put in your scriptures (if you make it smaller) or in your study guide. Here is just a sample of some of the additional pages.

I am really excited about these and so excited for people to starting using them and getting to know these New Testament women for themselves. I won't lie and say I don't want you to buy my book and read my thoughts, because I do. Yet, even more than that I want you to open up your scriptures and come to know these women like I know them... as good friends and as your sisters in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I hope you will take advantage of all the work I have done and begin your own study.

The study guides are available in print form for $9.99 through Amazon  (volume 1 here) (volume 2 here). Or you can also download them as  PDFs and print them off yourself for $4.99 (volume 1 here) (volume 2 here). Just a note: the covers for the PDF version are different than the printed version.

But here is the best part!

If you sign-up for my newsletter (see the box on the right side bar of my blog) I will send you a FREE copy of the first study guide -- the one that covers the women in the gospels-- for you to download and print off.

So go sign up right now! 

The study guides are designed to work in conjunction with my book, but if you don't have it you will still be able to use it. Though, if you have my book I think you will find it enhances your study. I also hope that after you finish the women in the gospels you won't stop there but will keep going and study the women in the epistles too.

I'd also really appreciate people spreading the word about these study guides as well. This next year in Sunday School we will be studying the New Testament. I am hoping that if more people (women and men) have spent time studying the women in the New Testament that there will be more conversations all over the church about Christ's teaching for and about women, and about women's roles and responsibilities in the early Christian church.

The New Testament teaches many important truths about women and our role in Christ's work, and I think that this knowledge is one that both men and women in the church desperately need right now. There is so much that is made clear when you study the scriptures with your eyes open to the women within their pages. I am hoping that my book and these study guides will help open up people's eyes and help them learn to SEE women, because they are there, and their stories are so relevant to our day.

So, go sign up for my newsletter, order your a copies of the study guides, and then share the word. Let's get these women's stories shouted from the rooftops this year!


  1. Wow, that is fantastic. You must be so excited! I know what I want in my stocking. :)

  2. I am just finishing up a beautiful four week study guide on Ruth and I was mourning that it would be over and wishing there was a study guide for more,women in the scriptures--and here it is! I'm so excited for this.

  3. Wow! Great work, Heather! Congratulations on this!

  4. awesome! on my christmas list!

  5. I know you probably would like a little break from writing, but I do hope you have plans for a book on women in the Old Testament next!!! ��

  6. Thank you so much! I've followed your posts for quite some time, but after using your study guide I wanted you to know how much your knowledge about the women of the gospel has helped me. I am so excited for your book and can't wait to finish both study guides for the New Testament.