Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Things for Friday, 9th Edition


I just wanted to announce that the winner of the CD "Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet" is Becca from My Soul Delighteth.

Congrats Becca! This is a great CD and I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and love you gave me in my miscarriage post. I am really feeling much better about everything. It bring me a lot of peace to think that perhaps unborn spirits also have their agency and that they might get to choose whether or not a certain body "counts" or if they choose to wait and come again later. I think that really when it comes right down to it I just need to trust the revelation that I got from the Spirit and trust that even though I don't understand everything now... that some day I will.


Today I stumbled across the most fantastic blog. It is called "A Year of FHE" (FHE stands for Family Home Evening) and has such a great compilation of resources for parents!

Every month she has a theme and then each week posts a lesson plan that goes along with the theme. For example, this moth the theme is "Pioneer Heroes" and there are lessons on Brigham Young, Eliza R. Snow, Saving the Pages, and Pioneer Life. Each lesson plan has songs, pictures, stories, scripture resources, activities, a treat idea, and a free printable coloring page! I just about did a back flip when I stumbled on this. It is really fantastic and such a blessing for people like me who struggle with ideas for Family Home Evening. Jump on over and take a look, but be warned there might just be enough to keep you occupied for hours!


Yesterday I received my quiet book from the quiet book swap that I hosted a few months ago. It turned out SO wonderful and I just wanted to thank all the wonderful women who helped contribute to it. I never, ever would have taken the time to make something this cute and wonderful for my kids. It just goes to show what wonderful things women can do when they work together. Here is a peek inside at the pages:

The cute cover

Weave the bedspread
(my kids LOVE that the little kids comes out of the bed)

Count the cupcakes and put them in the oven

Heart puzzle and Velcro the buttons on the snake

Bead counter and snap the apples on the tree

House with places for family pictures and count the coconuts

Tick Tac Toe and shape matching

Button the flowers and tie the Bear's bow

Thank you so much! Now I'm just worried that my kids are going to fight over it during church instead of being quiet :(


We spent the the last few days at my husband's family's property down in "middle of nowhere southern Utah" where his grandmother and grandfather grew up. It was a lot of fun and we got to stay in the historic pioneer log cabin that is still on the property and which is still in working order. As I snuggled my two little ones into the cots, opened the old fashioned windows, made my husband scoop the 8 (yikes) dead mice from out of the old oven, and stood on the porch in the evening looking out over the beautiful expanse of sagebrush and juniper trees I felt such gratitude swell in my heart for the strong men and women who came before me. I guess it was an appropriate feeling because this next week is the 24th of July,or Pioneer Day, which is a big holiday in Utah. Somehow it just felt right to be there this last weekend, living in the house they lived in, walking on the land they walked on, and living (sort of) like they did.

I hope that each of you, no matter where you live, get a chance to think about your ancestors this week and that you all have a very happy 24th of July!


  1. Thank you so much, Heather! I am so excited to listen to the whole CD. The video clip had me misty-eyed. After your beautiful week long Emma's Birthday celebration I have such a deeper love for the remarkable woman. Thank you again!