Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take My Poll and Enjoy a Little Bit of Junk Food

I'm sorry I have been missing in action the last few weeks. It has been a busy summer and since I've procrastinated doing all the projects I told myself I would do this summer till the very end... I've been really busy. You think I would learn:)

So, lately I've been thinking that I would like to expand the scope of the blog. In the past I've mostly focused on highlighting the stories of the women in the scriptures but I am wondering if my readers would mind me branching out into other women/religion/motherhood related topics as well. Don't worry I will still talk A LOT about the women in the scripture-- that is the name of my blog-- but my hope is to make this blog appeal to people who wouldn't normally be interested in scriptural sorts of things. Once they are here then maybe they will fall in love with the scripture sand the women in them. I'm out to convert as many people into scripture nerds as I can! Muwahahahaha (that is suppose to be an evil laugh).

So please take the poll that I've posted on the left hand side-- you can vote for as many things as you like-- or leave me a comment with suggestions about how I can improve this blog. I really would love some constructive feedback. Please, pretty please.

Oh, and if anyone does web design or knows someone who might be interested in re-designing my blog in return for their name and information posted on the sidebar of the blog, let me know. I get pretty good traffic and it could be a good way for someone to get some easy advertising.

In the meantime I think you should watch this. It has nothing to do with women in the scriptures, and besides being beautiful isn't even really inspirational, I just really love it. This is the way my little boy and I compromise... he gets Elmo and I get Andrea Bocelli's amazing voice. He can come sing me to sleep any night!


  1. Remember that it is your blog. We all change and sometimes a little change is good for both the blogger and the reader. I think you should go in whatever direction your heart feels like going. You could always make each day a different subject. IE: Sundays, women in the scriptures
    Mondays, Scripture study tips.
    Tuesdays, Likening the scriptures.
    Ect. That way if someone only likes one or two topics, those are the days they "tune in".

  2. Remeber that Billy Joel song "Don't go Changing...I love you just the way you are".LOL:)
    I really appreciate your blog,the depth and insight is amazing to me. I have challenged myself to search the scriptures for these wonderful records. Blessings to you for lengthening your stride.

  3. Thanks for the ideas and don't worry I won't be changing too much. My readership has just been expanding and I was interested in what people liked and didn't like. Thanks!