Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Women are Mothers, whether they have children or not

I just wanted to take a few moments today and express some of my thoughts about Mother's Day. I personally really LOVE this day. I love it that at least once a year we get the opportunity to express our appreciation for all the women who sacrifice so much to bring children into this world and to raise them. Yet, I also know MANY women that struggle with Mother's Day because they haven't had the opportunity to become mothers themselves. I don't understand all of God's ways but I do have a testimony of His great love for women and wanted to share these thoughts with women who might be struggling with Mother's Day.

All women, no matter if they have born children on this earth or not, are mothers. Eve, the first woman, was called "the mother of all living" by God and by Adam (Genesis 3:20; Moses 4:26) before she ever bore any children on the earth. Even if she had NEVER born children, she still would have been the mother of all living, because within her eternal soul lay the divine seeds of womanhood and motherhood. All women have these seeds within them because gender is an eternal characteristic, that God did not create nor can he destroy. These seeds may not take root here on this earth, but just because they don't grow here doesn't mean that they won't in the eternal life yet to come. Sometimes we forget that this earth life is just a short part of our eternal journey and purpose and that we will continue to be women and mothers for eternity.

Also as I've studied the women in the scriptures I've realized that ALL the women who are barren-- Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Hannah, the Shunamite (just to name a few)-- ALL bear children eventually. I think that these women's stories are a testimony that all faithful and righteous women will be given the opportunity to become mothers. It might be a long, hard struggle and it might not come in this life-- But I believe that the seeds of motherhood are divine and that they lie within the souls of all women. We can't always understand God's will or His ways, but if we trust in them we have the promise that the righteous desires of our heart will be fulfilled.

So it is my hope that this mother's day, EVERY WOMAN, whether she has children or not, takes the time to rejoice in the fact that she is a woman. To rejoice in the marvelous privilege it is to be here on this earth at this time and at this place, to do a work that only you can do and to have faith in God's plan for your life. I also bear testimony that God listens to the prayers of women and that he does not let them go unanswered.

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