Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mrs. Weasley's Pensieve

This is something completely different from what I normally write. Our library is having a Harry Potter fan fiction contest and it inspired me to write down this story I've had ruminating in my head. I've been piecing it together ever since I wrote my post  about "Why Being a Mom is Just as Cool as Being Harry Potter." 

It was also really fun because I haven't done any creative writing for... ages. So it was nice to do something different. I've written it like a missing chapter from the books. So if you aren't familiar with Harry Potter you might be a bit lost, but if you are a Harry Potter fan I hope you enjoy it! 

Harry couldn’t sleep. He leaned over and used his wand to light up the watch on his night stand. 2 AM. Still hours to go before morning. He rolled over and flopped his head back on to his pillow. He heard Ron’s heavy snores coming from the bed across the room and for a moment he deeply envied his friend. How nice would it be if the most pressing issue on his mind was the contents of  Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches? 

He thought about getting up and going to the kitchen for a drink, but hesitated. What if someone was still awake? He knew that Mrs. Weasley, and just about everyone else it seemed, were overly worried about him. The last thing he needed now was for people to find out that he wasn’t sleeping.

Still, he desperately needed a drink. Deciding he could always lie and tell someone he’d gotten lost on the way to the bathroom, Harry quietly drew back the covers. He slipped his feet into the slippers beside his bed and grabbed his bathrobe. Before he closed the door he looked back at Ron, who was mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like “Hermione”, and stepped out into the hall.

If the old house at Number 12, Grimmauld Place was eerie in the day time, it was downright spooky at night. He, Ron and Hermione had spent the last several days helping Mrs. Weasley and Sirius clean out the old haunted house, and it had not been pleasant. He didn’t know how they both managed being cooped up in this creepy place, especially when there was so much going on outside. He was glad that he would be leaving tomorrow for Hogwarts.

When he finally reached the kitchen he was surprised to see that there was still a light on. He knew that members of the Order of the Phoenix were often in and out of the headquarters, but he wondered who would still be up at this late hour.

Cautiously he peeked into the kitchen. It was empty. The light he’d seen was coming from the dying fire in the large stone fireplace, and a single candle on the long table in the center of the room. Beside the candle sat a small stone bowl covered in ancient runes, its misty contents reflecting the dancing rays of the diminishing candle. Surprised, Harry quickly crossed the room.

The pensieve? He couldn’t believe it. What was it doing here?