Sunday, December 27, 2015

The First Noelle

Even though it is almost a week late, I'm pleased to introduce: 

Noelle Evalynne Farrell

Born on December 19, 2015 
at 11:17 AM

7lbs 15 oz and 20 3/4 inches long


About her name: 
Noelle for being a Christmas time baby
Evalynne for being born on her Grandpa Evan's birthday
and Farrell... because she's one of us. 

All the Farrell kids, plus their cousin River

This might just be my new favorite picture of Jon.

All my girls. And not my most flattering picture but I'd just had a baby, so it is what it is.
The new big sister. Who loves her to the moon and back, but has had a hard time adjusting to not being the baby!
Noelle's instant fan club

So it turns out when I wrote my last post, I didn't really have insomnia. I was in labor, but was trying really hard not to be. The only day I didn't want the baby to come was Saturday, Dec. 19th because that was the day Asher was going to be baptized and we had lots of family driving down for it. 

Yet, alas, come she did.

Things went really well, the birth center experience was wonderful, everyone understood about the baptism getting canceled, and she had lots of family around to meet her the day she was born. 

Grandpa Farrell
Grandma Farrell

Nana Corinne (my mom) and her husband Papa Wayne

Aunt Hilary and Uncle Dave

Cousin Oliver, Aunt Brittany and Uncle Drew

My sisters, Aunt Brittney and Aunt Hilary
Great Grandma Farrell on Christmas Eve

Grandpa Thomas (my Dad) and his wife Janie

Several weeks ago, when I thought I was going in to labor too early, Jon gave me a blessing and said to trust the Lord's timing. In the days leading up to her birth that blessing kept coming to mind and I now see why. Noelle came on the only day I didn't want her to, but it was really the perfect day. It has been so sweet to have a newborn baby at Christmas, to ponder how incredible it is that God Himself came to Earth as a baby, and to sing The First Noel about a hundred times with new feeling.  Also, we ended up having a baptism and a baby blessing on the same day, which was simply beautiful.

A birth and a re-birth the same week. 

I'd say that God's timing was pretty good. 

I promise I'll post her full birth story soon!


  1. Such a beautiful baby! And I agree, there is something special about a Christmas baby. Congratulations and I hope you get lots of rest!!

  2. Congratulations! I love your blog so much. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  3. Congratulations and what a beautiful thoughtful name. I love that you were able to have the baptism and baby blessing together. We had that opportunity come to our family three times. As my children have gotten older they talk about what it was like sharing their baptism day with a younger sibling's blessing day. It has truly been special for them.

  4. I love her name! As a December baby myself, I enjoy holiday names. ( : I'm glad everything went well and you have your precious little girl here safe and sound. How funny that she came on the only day you didn't want her to come! Such is life.

  5. How beautiful! My older sister was a December baby, also named Noelle! God bless you all.