Sunday, December 27, 2015

The First Noelle

Even though it is almost a week late, I'm pleased to introduce: 

Noelle Evalynne Farrell

Born on December 19, 2015 
at 11:17 AM

7lbs 15 oz and 20 3/4 inches long


About her name: 
Noelle for being a Christmas time baby
Evalynne for being born on her Grandpa Evan's birthday
and Farrell... because she's one of us. 

All the Farrell kids, plus their cousin River

This might just be my new favorite picture of Jon.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Five Things for Friday, Insomnia Edition


Technically it isn't Friday anymore but I'm having  trouble sleeping. I figured I might as well use my time well instead of laying in bed staring at the wall. I've never had pregnancy insomnia but the last few nights I've found it hard to stay asleep. Part of it might be that I am 38 weeks pregnant and there just aren't any comfortable sleeping positions when you are that big. The other part of it might be that I have been nervous all week that this baby would choose to come today, on Saturday, the only day that I don't want him to come.

My oldest, Asher, is getting baptized this afternoon and we have family traveling down for it. I'd hate to have this baby right when they were all here to celebrate for Asher.  I've stayed awake worrying about it and wondering if every little contraction is "real" or not. I think I've sort of made myself paranoid, especially because I've had some strong contractions this morning. I know babies don't usually come when you want them to, but I'm all for positive thinking right now.

In other news, we arrived in Utah safe and sound, and with no baby, about a week ago. It feels good to be here and I am feeling much better than I was a month ago. It turns out that my iron levels were super low and that I was severely anemic (my hemoglobin was at an 8.6). It was actually a big relief to find out that I was anemic. For awhile I really thought I was just going crazy, I was so tired and depressed. It was a relief to know that there was something wrong with me and that it could be fixed.

I've been taking mega-doses of iron the last month (about 160 mg a day) along with vitamin C and folic acid, to help it absorb. It took a few weeks to really kick in but now I am feeling much better. I'm still tired, but I at least now I have energy and things don't seem so overwhelming. I've been laughing more, doing activities with my kids, and actually feel excited about having a baby. It has been amazing to see that as my iron levels have risen (they went up to 10.3 in two weeks!) that my moral has risen as well. I feel more like myself and less like a walking zombie .

A week or so ago I was watching a beautiful birth video (which Tabitha loved) and I realized that I am kind of excited to give birth again. Giving birth is an extreme sport. It is the most physically challenging thing I have ever done, and even though I know I won't enjoy it when I am going through it, I am looking forward to it like I would a race or another type of challenge. There is something amazing in watching my body do the impossible. Not to mention that there is NO better feeling in the world than to feel a baby flow out of you and into your arms. It is the ultimate trophy.

Also, I remembered that I LOVE the newborn stage, sleep deprivation and everything. I love how new and tiny they are, how relativity simple their needs are to meet and take care of, the new baby smell, the way they stay curled up when you hold them, soaking in a spirit fresh from heaven, and getting to meet a new unique, person.

I am really excited for that.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Study Guide for Women in the Book of Mormon!

I'm very excited to introduce my latest project... a study guide for the women in The Book of Mormon! Which is now available on Amazon or as a download.

There are only six named women in The Book of Mormon, three that are unique to The Book of Mormon (Sariah, Abish and Isabel) and three Bible women (Eve, Sarah, Mary). Yet if you take the time to look for them there are dozens of un-named women whose stories are told in The Book of Mormon, many of them in detail. 

This study guide is designed to help you learn to "see" the women in The Book or Mormon and undertake a personal study of their lives. It contains scripture references and journaling pages for all 53 women, or groups of women, included in The Book of Mormon. In addition there are questions, prompts, and study aids for each woman's story that will help you go more in-depth and make your study meaningful.

This study guide is similar to the ones I made for the women of the New Testament (which you can order here and here). Each of the women, or groups of women, has several pages to help you study her (or their) story in-depth. There are also character sketch, compare and contrast pages, and other types of study pages you can use to study each woman (which you can see in the "look inside" feature on Amazon).

Even though there aren't many outside resources available to study The Book of Mormon it is amazing how much you can learn by taking the time to slow down and ponder on the history, the context and the meaning of each woman's story. This study guide is designed to help you slow down, ponder, apply, and read The Book of Mormon with new eyes. 

Here are the pages for Sariah, the first woman mentioned in The Book of Mormon.