Friday, October 30, 2015

Five Things for Friday-- World Congress of Families Edition


Wow, what a week it has been! It has been so full and I have to admit I am terribly homesick for my kiddos, my husband, and my normal life. Which is good, right?

In fact, when my kids dropped me off at the airport they were hanging all over me, smothering me in hugs and kisses to the point that that I had to push them away in order to even get out of the car. As I got my bags out I thought to myself, "Oh, I'm going to be glad to have a break from them!", but by the time I'd gotten through security and sat down in the terminal to wait to board the plane I realized I already missed them.

Though I do have to say that staying at the Grand America for a whole week has really had some perks. I've never stayed in a hotel this fancy before and it kind of makes me feel like a movie star... a big round pregnant movie star... but a movie star none the less. I think the highlight of the week was when my friend Becky came up to visit and to cut and highlight my hair. When she got to the hotel she realized that she didn't have enough foil to highlight all my hair and so we called the hotel room service to see if they had some aluminum foil we could use. They said they did and that they would send some up in about 10 or 15 minutes. Three minutes later Becky answered the door (I had foil in my hair) and there was a waiter holding a large silver platter, covered with a white napkin, with three pieces of aluminum foil sitting on it. Talk about fancy!  Becky was kind of in awe when she came back in and said that moment had just been the pinnacle of her hair styling career-- to have aluminum foil delivered to her on a silver platter!


The World Congress of Families has been a very interesting, eye opening experience for me. It has been such a mix of people and viewpoints and has really pushed me to figure out what I believe and what I stand for. It has been way more conservative than I expected it to be which has been interesting. I consider myself to be a moderate and I've been to lots of liberal and secular conferences before but  I've never been around a super conservative crowd before.  I feel like I got quite the education this week!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five Things for Friday: Overwhelmed and Surviving Edition

My good friend Lani brought it to my attention a few weeks ago that it has been a LONG time since I did a Five Things for Friday post. I don't know that I have a very good excuse, except that my life has been full to the brim and lately all I want to do when I have a spare moment is to nap rather than write... or clean my house... or do the laundry.... or any thing else productive. But I'm feeling motivated tonight so I figured I'd give you an update.


I am 30 weeks pregnant already!

Physically I am feeling pretty good. I'm tired, have varicose veins that bulge and ache, heartburn, and hips that are starting to fall apart, but I also have a wiggly baby inside of me that sort of makes it all worth it. Emotionally though, I've been much more a mess this pregnancy than I ever have been before. I don't think I'm depressed or anxious, but I am very easily overwhelmed and my emotions are right at the surface. My family has been really patient with me.

It has also been hard because I've had a hard time deciding on a care provider and where we are going to have the baby.  Jon and I have been praying and debating about it for a few months but we finally decided that we are going to go back to Utah for Christmas and then just stay and have the baby there. Mostly it is because it is the path that just feels the best, but it is also because there just aren't very many great birth choices where we live. The law in Iowa will only allow Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) to deliver babies at home, as opposed to most other states where Certified Midwives, can also do home births. There are three CNMs in Des Moines who do home births, but only one who will travel to where I live. I had her for Tabitha's birth and have been seeing her again this time. She is a good midwife but she lives about 2 hours away from me. My labors are usually quick (about 3 hours) and this baby will be born in December, which means that if there is bad weather it is very likely she won't make it in time for the birth.

Realizing this I seriously  considered doing a hospital birth this time and interviewed the midwives at the hospital near us. One of the midwives in the group was a home birth midwife before she moved to Iowa and so I set up an appointment with her, knowing she'd understand where I was coming from. I was ready to jump into a hospital birth, but she was really honest with me. "I know what type of maternity care you've had in the past," she told me, "and I know what type of care you want, and I know you won't get that quality or type of care here." I was a bit discouraged after that, but was grateful that she'd been so straight forward with me. She was actually the one who suggested I think about traveling somewhere else for the birth, because there really just aren't many choices in our area.

So, I've been weighing my options for the last few months and even though going to Utah doesn't make the most logical or financial sense, all my other options make me feel uneasy inside whereas this path feels right. So I think I'll follow it. The midwife who attended Asher, Rose, and Abe's births has agreed to take me as a transfer and my in-laws are thrilled about us coming for a whole month (or a bit more). They even said we could have the baby at their house, though I'm thinking that we might go to our midwives's birthing center as their house might be full for Christmas... but I guess we'll just see.

My husband got permission from his company to work remotely and since we home school there is no rush to get back at a certain time. The only problem will be if this baby decides to come two weeks early or two weeks late. If he comes too much after Christmas I think I'll be dying and if he comes two weeks early we might have a baby somewhere along 1-80, which would be less than ideal. Yet, I'm optimistic that everything will work out how it is suppose to. Now the trick is to just hang in there the next two months!


Home school this year has been rough... really rough. A few weeks ago someone asked Asher how school was going and he replied, "Oh, fine... but my mom just cries alot." 

Which is pretty much the truth.