Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vintage Bible Flannel Board Figures {Guess the Women} Win them ALL!

Awhile ago our church library was cleaning out its shelves and during the process I inherited all the old flannel board story figures. There were over 30 stories from the Bible, The Book of Mormon, Church History, and a few random ones. No one else in our ward was interested in them but I considered it a real treasure!

The figures all are mixed together and I don't have the original stories to go with them, so sometimes figuring out which story is which has been a really funny experience. In fact, my kids favorite game to play with them is to have each person randomly select four or five figures and make up a story with them. We've had some pretty wild stories!

I've been spring cleaning and have decided that even though we've had fun with these, that I am ready to part with them. So I'd like to give ALL of them away to one of my readers, someone who will appreciate them and put them to good use. To determine who this lucky person is I am going to have a bit of a contest. 

I was happily surprised with how many stories about women the flannel board stories included! There were way more than I expected. So my contest is to see who can correctly identify the MOST women out of some of the figures from the stories. I'll be honest and say that some of them I am not 100% sure on, so there is certainly some wiggle room and if you feel the need to explain or defend your answer then certainly do... it might help. 

To be fair don't read any of the other entries before you post your own (this is on your honor). The stories are from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. The person who gets the most correct will win the flannel stories. Good luck!












Like I said some of these are debatable, and I am willing to take ideas. Some of them I do know for sure because of the other figures that match or what is written on the back, but give it your best shot! I'll choose a winner next Monday, April 20th!


  1. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for these! I do not have any of the ones you have shown so I'm going to give it my best shot, cross my fingers and say a little prayer!!
    1. Yochebed
    2.Woman at the well
    3. Jezebel
    4. Ruth
    5. Delilah
    6. Esther
    7. Mary or Martha
    8. Rachael
    9. Sariah
    10. Children of Israel
    11. Ruth

  2. 1. Mary and baby Jesus
    2. Widow's mite
    3. Herodias
    4. Esther and Haman
    5. Daughter of Jared dancing before Akish
    6. Rebekah
    7. Woman with issue of blood
    8. Woman at the well
    9. Mary at the cross
    10. Laman and the daughters of Ishmael
    11. Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah

  3. 1. Jochebed (Moses' mother)
    2. Elizabeth
    3. King Lamoni and the queen
    4. Esther
    5.The great Harlot (from Revelations)
    6. Lot's wife
    7.Lydia (seller of purple)
    8. Rebecca
    9. Zebedee's wife

  4. For some reason my last 2 got cut off
    10. Wicked Israelites
    11.Mary Jesus' mother, and his mother's sister, (Mary the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene.

  5. Thanks everyone! These were really hard. Here are the answers. I'll put a * next to the ones I know for sure and if they don't have an * then it means it is just my best guess, which is what counts here ;)

    #1- Hannah and Samuel *
    #2- Martha *
    #3- Herodias*
    #4- Ruth*
    #5- Damsel with the spirit of divination (from Acts 16)*
    #6- Esther
    #7- Lydia
    #8- The woman at the well
    #9- Sariah
    #10- 24 Lamanite daughters who danced and were kidnapped
    #11- Naomi, Ruth and Orpah

    Which means that it looks like Art and Evelyn won with three correct answers. Good job everyone these were tough! You all gave wonderful guesses.

    1. Oh, #11 should have a * by it because that I one I am sure on.

    2. I am so excited! How would you like me to get my address to you? Thank you, Evelyn