Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Faith in God Study Journals {giveaway}

One day, when we lived in Utah, we met up with some other homeschooling families at a nearby reservoir for a nature walk. I am always early to everything (I hate being late) and this morning was no different. My kids and I waited around in the parking lot for awhile and just when I was sure that no one else was going to show up, Heidi pulled up and got her two kids out of the car. I knew I was going to like her when I saw her kids were equipped with notebooks and a box full of colored pencils to draw what they discovered on their walk. I could tell that this was a mother I could learn things from! And I have.

I was excited when Heidi contacted me and told me about the Faith in God Study Guides that she had put together for her children. Faith in God is a  program designed for children ages 8-11 to help them learn and teach the basics doctrines and principles of the gospel. The Church provides a simple booklet for children with the requirement listed in it, but it isn't very conducive to note-taking or record keeping. Heidi wanted a way to record what her children were doing and learning through their Faith in God study, and a way to help encourage them complete all the requirement. So... her Study Guides were born! 

She has created separate ones for boys and girls because, while most requirements are the same, the girl's Faith in God program has a section on preparing for Young Women's and the boys focuses on preparing for Priesthood Ordination. The book is designed to serve as a place for your child to record their progress and goals as well as be a keepsake when it is complete. Each journal includes: 

-journaling questions for all of the required activities
-places to draw and doodle
-questions and activities to help you internalize the scriptures and strengthen your testimony
-prompts to assist in setting goals
-copywork to aid in memorization
-places to document additional activities
-exercises to help you memorize the Articles of Faith
-pages for additional handouts and photos

I was really impressed by her work and am excited to share these study guides. It seems like a great way to encourage your child to complete the program, learn how to keep a scripture journal, and also have a keepsake with all the work they did!

 Heidi sent me two journals, a boy and a girl one, and I will be excited to use this book with Asher in a few years (yikes... okay like in a year and a half!). Rose still has awhile until she will do this program so I am planning on giving the girl one to one of the girls in our ward who will be getting baptized next month. I think it will make a great baptismal gift!

Heidi has graciously offered to give away THREE copies of her Study Guide to some of my readers!  So if you'd like to enter you can participate by using Rafflecopter. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Or if you don't want to wait to see if you win you can purchase the study guides here (boys) and here (girls) or on Amazon for $8.08. Or you can download the PDF versions (girls) (boys)  for only $2.99! If you are interested in buying them in bulk (perhaps for a primary class)  please contact Heidi at hillman.heidi@gmail.com for a group discount.

Best wishes! 


  1. Oh, I really love the idea of this! I have a 10yo girl and an 8yo boy, and honestly I have a really hard time with the Faith in God program so far - we haven't been proactive about it beyond what gets covered in Scouts and Activity Days. I can see these journals being a big help in changing that!

  2. And on topic for the raffle, I've always loved the 13th article of faith. Not only does it seem so poetic and flowing, but it reminds me to focus on the good things of the world, which makes life happier no matter what the circumstances. :)

  3. The 13th has always been my favorite, at first just because it was long and I was proud of myself for memorizing it! Haha. But later it came to represent the kind of outlook I want to have on life. It's a reminder for me.

  4. I love this! I was an activity days leader in my ward, and am now over activity days for my stake, and would love to be able to help families help their children with developing Faith in God.

  5. My favorite Article of Faith is #1. Such a basic and lost truth.

  6. These are fun! What a great idea.

  7. These are super cool! I'm probably in the majority here, but my favorite article of faith is number 13. It really is a great reminder for what we should be participating in everyday.

  8. mine changes;) maybe 1 or 13 right now.

  9. Oh my goodness what an awesome giveaway! I LOVE this! What an amazing amount of work, time, and heart put into these journals! I think they would be perfect for any age !!

  10. Hmm...which one...I love them all. Each one builds to the next one and all together are the foundation. I have enjoyed learning them as a convert years ago and now teaching them to my children as they(7 kiddos) work through the Faith in God Program. I love the light I see in them as they work at completing the requirements. This last January was particularly special as our child who struggles with learning completed his Faith in God for boys the night before his 12th birthday. This was huge, he did not believe he could do it. With prayer and help from family and Primary he was successful!

  11. I love the simplicity yet profound doctrine found in #1. I also love hearing my 3 year old sing it right now :)

  12. I like the first one - I like that it mentions the godhead as three separate beings and calls attention that we believe in Heavenly Father, Christ and the Holy Ghost

  13. The third. Because I need the Atonement so much.

  14. I love this idea. My kids are too young, but it's such a great gift idea for nieces and nephews. thanks for sharing.

  15. I am over the Activity Days girls in my ward and these would be perfect to help the girls pay attention during a lesson and not get quite as distracted! These look great!

  16. Are these still available for $2.99 via pdf? I love how proactive this journal is!

    1. It looks like the PDF is still available but that it is now 9.00 to download it.