Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things for Friday, 55th Edition


Right before we moved into our house my Mother-in-law said that someone asked her how long she thought it would take us to get chickens.  The answer...

Not very long.

A house just doesn't quite seem like a home without them.

And we are so excited for fresh eggs again.

There really is nothing better.

We got eight little chicks, the breeds of which I am not quite sure. I had the stomach flu (not fun when you are pregnant) the day Jon took the kids to get them and he let them each pick out two for their very own. Asher chose the small black and yellow ones and named them "Jake" and "Fluff Ball." I will love it if Jake turns out to be a hen!  Rose chose the big yellow ones and at first named them something like "Tooloola" and "Ulalia" but she kept forgetting their names and so now they are "Lilly" and "Sunlight". The four red ones didn't get names, because Jon said if we have to eat them he doesn't want to name them.

Don't you love our fancy brooder box? We realized that we must have given away all our chicken equipment in our last move and so we had to improvise. So far a cardboard box, a peanut bottle with a hole in it and an egg carton have been doing just fine!


We had a bit of a tragedy on Tuesday. We were transferring the chicks to a new cardboard box (because the other one got wet) and decided to let them run around in the yard for a few minutes. Asher wasn't paying attention to where he was stepping (and was a bit hyper) and accidentally stepped on one of the red chicks. I ran and scooped it up, thinking that it had just broken its wing, but quickly realized it was dying. I held it while it died, which wasn't very long.

Looking back, I think I could have handled the situation better. I was a little shocked that Asher had just (accidentally) killed our chicken, but even more upset that he didn't seem too bothered by it. He was actually trying to laugh it off, telling me that it would be okay. I realize now that it was his way of coping with the situation, but at the time it really annoyed me. Later I realized that it was the first time either of my children had seen something die. Asher had no idea how to process the experience and so his initial response was to laugh. Yet after we helped him dig a hole and bury it he couldn't stop talking about what had happened. I could tell that he felt bad for what had happened and was concerned about what was going to happen to the chicken. We had lots of conversations about death and the resurrection and in the end it really turned into an amazing teaching opportunity.

Decorating the chicken's grave with rocks and pictures

But one big question has gone unanswered. Asher has been asking me over and over again if the chicken will get resurrected and I have no idea what to tell him. Part of me just wants to tell him yes to make the whole situation easier to swallow, but I don't know for sure and I don't want to teach him wrong.

So far I haven't come across anything in the scriptures that indicates that the resurrection will include animals, but that doesn't mean it won't. Anyone have any insights or ideas on that one?

Asher and Rose's chicken epithets, "Chickem, love you."


When we moved we decided not to take our couch or our loveseat. There were nice but I was ready for a change. So, last Saturday we went shopping for a new couch and ended up at a used furniture store. We found a really great overstuffed chair (that is PERFECT for reading in) and a nice couch that has a hide-a-bed in it, (so that we will have a place for guest to stay when they come visit).

They have been great, the only strange part is that they are both floral print fabric.

Different floral prints, mind you.

It didn't seem too strange when they were dozens of feet apart in the store but once we got them both home I realized that, counting the piano bench,  we actually had three different floral prints in the same room.

I am sure that this breaks ALL the rules of interior design and  could probably land me a place on one of those "can you believe this room" reality TV shows...  but oh, well.  They work and are comfortable. Besides I've decided that their subtle craziness sort of fits the theme of my life lately. 


I have a hint for making a pregnancy fly by.

Move across the country.

I am about 20 weeks pregnant already and I feel like I have hardly even given this baby any thought.

Well, that isn't true. She kicks me often enough that it is hard to forget about her and it is hard to ignore my growing belly. Now that we are getting more settled I can actually start making plans for this little one!

I have been feeling really self conscious about being pregnant this time around. I find myself wearing my big coat every chance I get so that people can't tell. It makes me feel like did in 8th grade, afraid that someone might actually see what my blossoming body looked like under all that coat. But the truth is that I can't wear a coat for the next three months. Okay,  technically I could, but then I am  sure that a wool coat in August would make people wonder what was wrong with me, even more than toting around four kids under the age of six would.

 I think I just need to own up to the fact that I AM going to be that woman in the store who people will look at and smile (or frown) and say, "Wow, she's got her hands full." I shouldn't let what other people think (or don't think) bother me, but I guess it do. It is probably because I have judged way too many other people in my life and so I know people do it!

And sometimes I just think I need to take a dose of my own medicine. I keep trying to remind myself of what I wrote here and remember that 1) felt the same way last time and I only had three kids then, 2) people probably aren't judging me, even if I think they are, 3) I really want this baby, and 4) it is okay to be different from other people, especially when you know you are on the right path for what the Lord wants you to do.

Now to just find a way to make that medicine easier to digest.


And Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!

And just a reminder.

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate YOUR mother, and the incredible gift of life she gave you. So whether you are a mother yourself or not enjoy the day and take the time to reflect on the blessing of your own birth and the influence your mother (or mothers) has had in your life. And if you can snuggle her close!


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  1. This might help. :)

    As for the scriptures, I don't think there is anything. I think it is all pretty much revealed doctrine.


  3. Don't worry about your body, for heavens sake, I think when people say you've got your hands full its usually out of understanding, at least I think so, I always want to help the woman, carry her groceries and wipe a kids nose for her 'cause her hands are full.
    As for your question about animal resurrection, the answer is yes. Of course they do. Joseph Smith said he expected to have his beloved horse with him in heaven. All of God's creations have a spirit and a body therefore those must also be united. Even the earth itself has a spirit creation, a physical creation and a promised "resurrection" as a Celestial body.
    "The simple answer is that animals so have spirits and that through the redemption made by our Savior they will come forth in the resurrection to then enjoy the blessings of the immortal life." Joseph Fielding Smith
    Again from Joseph Fielding, "They too live and pass through mortality according to the plan of the Great Designer, and not one mote shall be lost.

    There is much more on this subject from George Q. Cannon, Parley P Pratt, Joseph Smith, Spencer W. Kimball, Brigham Young and others.
    There is a very good book on animals in the gospel called "Kindness to Animals and Caring for the Earth" by Richard D. Stratton

    This is a subject much neglected in our society and church culture. Without kindness and compassion to animal creation I do not believe we are capable of Celestial living, though God's work is the Salvation of Man, all of his creation is loved and cherished, all of it has a salvation and a kingdom created and provided for it in all its variety.
    Not even the sparrow falls without his knowledge and any cruelty towards an animal, as George Q. Cannon said puts us in that animals debt and must be explained to that spirit at some time. These are deep and beautiful concepts, ALL life is sacred and must not nor in God's eyes something to be treated lightly.
    Oh and check out D&C 77:1-3 ,men, beasts, fowl and creeping things in their destined order or sphere of creation in the enjoyment of their eternal felicity.

    Hope this helps, we have had so many animals around here, some quite frankly more beloved than others, I would not want to spend eternity in any kingdom without them, especially some of my dogs, my Bulldog Dudley, sigh, I look forward to seeing him again as much as I do any family member.
    Hope this helps, you have helped me many times with your posts, I hope I can help you with your answer. I bear my testimony of the eternal nature of all of God's creations, all that was created spiritually and have received a body will also receive an eternal salvation and rejoice in their sphere, praising their God. I know this to be true as much as any other Gospel principle

    Loves to you

  4. I had to laugh about being 'that woman' in the store with all the kids. Come July I'll have five children age five and younger (three of those UNDER age 3) plus my 3 so called 'big kids' who will be 12, 8, and 7. I've forgotten what it's like to not be 'that woman' people are watching and asking questions. I try now to just be positive in my responses about how many children I have and that, yes, I'm pregnant again. It will get worse I imagine when Mason's wheelchair arrives and I have a special needs child who is obviously disabled mixed in with the seven other kids. I'm praying for skin like a duck's feathers so things just roll right off like water.

  5. Yes, I believe they will be! Doctrine & Covenants 29:24 states: "For all old things shall pass away, and all things shall become new, even the heaven and the earth, and all the fullness thereof, both men and beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea". Many prophets and apostles have touched on the subject, and they all seem to be of the same mindset. The Atonement of Christ is infinite in coverage, therefore it makes sense that the blessings of the resurrection would be also.

    1. AI agree with you, Kirsten. Absolutely animals (and plants) will be resurrected! I can't imagine the next life without the beautiful creatures that are on this earth. All things living were created spiritually first, then physically -- this includes animals and plants. Therefore, animals and plants would be resurrected to their perfect state (what we *don't* know is what "perfect state" means).

  6. Heather,
    I moved from Utah to St. Louis last year and just had my 4th last summer (all under 6 at the time). To make matters more obvious I homeschool my boys and we are often out at times other children aren't. While I can't count how many times I've heard "You must have your hands full", most people have commented on how lucky I am and ask repeatedly if I'm going to try for a girl:) I say the world needs more happy mothers! Good luck to you in your pregnancy and new home. Also, I am planning on using your honesty study/plan for the kids as part of our summer program--what a great idea to use the Preach My Gospel as a curriculum resource! Thank you for all the work you put into it.

  7. I am currently pregnant with my fourth boy under 6 (in New York City!) and I totally understand how you feel. I am really excited for this baby, and I want it, but I just have no desire to explain to people who don't have the same mindset about the great blessing children are. I am happy to just be home planning for my baby and not getting everyone else's opinions on how many kids I should or should not have. I also don't plan on this being our last, so I probably just need to rejoice in being a mom (which I love) even when people are giving me those looks at the grocery store or the library.

  8. Carry that baby with pride! Go into that store with 4 kids knowing that you are doing what the Lord asked of you: to multiply and replenish, not multiply and replace(have 2 kids). Knowing that there are women that cannot have kids and want them, knowing that there are women will not be given the chance to have kids and want and can do it. Ignore them and know that you are doing it right!!!! Because you are!

  9. My friend with twins, triplets and 2 singles says "Hands full of love!" Whenever someone says, "You have your hands full!"

  10. I was reading "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. He starts of Chapter 12 "Infinite in Coverage" by saying "The Atonement covers more than mankind. Elder Joseph F. Smith spoke directly to this point" 'It is a very inconsistent notion which is held bu some, that the resurrection will only come to human souls, that the animals and plants have no spirits and therefore at not redeemed by the sacrifice of the Son of God, and hence they are not entitled to the resurrection.'

    See D&C 29:24 which states, "all old things shall pass away, and all things shall become new,...both men and beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea."