Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Things for Friday, 51st Edition


I feel like Thanksgiving got hijacked this year.

I have never been a big fan of "Black Friday" and have actually never been out early enough to see what it is really like. Though, this year I was sorely tempted to go out and get a cheap printer. But Jon has taken a blood oath not to buy anything on Black Friday for the rest of our lives... and so I didn't go. Afterward I was thinking about it and was really frustrated that the time in which stores are starting their Black Friday sales is getting earlier and earlier.

Last year stores opened their sales at midnight, but this year they opened their doors as early as 8 or 9 on Thanksgiving day. That just doesn't seem right to me. Not only does it force people to work on a day they should be spending with their family but it turns the ONE day a year when America is gathered together to give thanks to God into a day of "more, more, more, more."

It is exact opposite of what Thanksgiving is all about.

I won't be surprised if next year the stores open their doors even earlier, until the whole day becomes a shopping fest and the attitude of the woman my dad met becomes the norm. She told him, " Oh, all of my family is out shopping all over town today and tomorrow. So we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday."

I feel like Thanksgiving is loosing its meaning.

Does that make anyone else but me really sad?


I have turned into "that" woman at the library.

You know the one who checks out exorbitant amounts of children's books and loads them into her stroller.

The one who makes you think, "Wow, good thing the library has a limit of how many books you can check out, because that lady would take them all." 

That was me today.

I maxed out the check out limit (which is 35 books) on both mine and Asher's library card.

I think the smartly dressed man behind me, who was only checking out two audio books, nearly died when I pulled more books out from the basket under my stroller.

I started to feel really self conscious about it and started to apologize about having so many books, but the sweet librarian just smiled big and told me, "It makes me happy you all like to read so much."

Which made me feel better.

Until I had to lug all those books, two fighting kids, a bored baby, and a stroller with a flat tire all the way out to the car.

But you know, I think I might be able to embrace this newly acquired identity. Because being "that" lady at the library does have some perks. She gets to go home and snuggle cute kids until they get bored of this monstrous pile of books.

Which will be about Tuesday of next week, when we will repeat the trip.

Hopefully without the flat tire.


So, just a question for any of you that live in the Utah or Idaho area. If I were  to do a book signing for "The Gift of Giving Life" would any of you come? We may have the opportunity to do a few but I am terrified of the idea because, "what if no one came and I just sat there by myself looking pathetic?" So, just wondering... would you come?

And just  another reminder that until December 20th we will be offering a 33% discount on the book when you buy three or more. It is a great book to have on hand for a gift for baby showers and the new (or old) mothers in your life! Or you could team up with two other friends and get a great deal!

Also, our book is now in the following Deseret Book locations and they have some wonderful sales and discounts going on for Christmas time.

Downtown SLC, Utah
Sugarhouse, Utah
University Village
Orange, CA
American Fork, Utah
Pocatell, Idaho
Layton, Utah
Ft Union, Utah
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Bountiful, Utah
Boise, Idaho
Denver, CO
Orem Parkway, Utah
Rexburg, Idaho
Chandler, AZ
Meridian, Idaho
Idaho Falls Temple, Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho

So tell your hubby to go down and get you one for your Christmas stocking!


I bet you didn't know November 19th is  World Toilet Day.

Then again you probably aren't married to an environmental engineer,

who has a passion for waste water,

whose name is Jon (another name for a toilet in the US).

and whose birthday is the same day as World Toilet Day.

Jon thinks that this is a cosmic coincidence and takes great joy in it.

For the last few years we have  incorporated World Toilet Day into his birthday celebration .

So how do you celebrate World Toilet Day?

You squat.

For a minute.

To bring awareness to the 2.5 million people with out proper sanitation (that means no form of toilet or latrine... at all... nada... it means on the ground... in the water... you get the idea) and the 1.8 million people, mostly children, who die from disease related to poor sanitation.

(Squatting is actually the legitimate way to acknowledge world toilet day, in case you ever want to)

This year we didn't actually squat, because Jon had all the people he works with do it instead. 

He said it was awkward, but educational.

In years past I have made him toilet themed cakes. The first year I made a toilet cake, 

the second year I did a toilet paper roll cake,

last year  I made a duckweed cake (which was the aquatic plant he did his thesis on),

and this year I made him a "constipated clarifier" cake.
 A clarifer is a piece of water treatment equipment and earlier this year Jon was on a job where he had to shovel mud (clean mud) out of one. When he told me what he was doing I laughed and told him he was working on a constipated clarifier, he  thought that was really funny. So this cake (actually just ice cream with chocolate pudding) was our nerdy joke. 

Tacky?  Yes.

But then, you have to be lighthearted about what you do in Jon's line of work. 

It saves lives, but it isn't always pretty. 
Abe liked it!
By the way, if you have any good ideas for more toilet themed cakes, I'd love to hear them. I will probably be doing this for many more years to come. It has become one of Jon's favorite birthday traditions.


When I was pregnant with Rose my sisters gave me a little red pea coat for her. They knew how much I loved my red coat and they thought it would be cute if we had matching ones. I was so happy that she could finally fit into this year.

See we match!
We also got a three-generations-of-red-coats-picture with my mom at Thanksgiving. I really do love this coat, but I examined by soul this week and realized that I really am at a point in my life where I could give it up freely... which feels good.

We also got some family pictures taken with my dad and siblings. It was a riot.

I love these people. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh, I am SO with you on Black Friday. For a couple of years while we were in college, Bryson & I worked retail full time and Thanksgiving weekend was just so awful.

    First, we had to work on Thanksgiving getting everything ready for the "Big Day" (you know, instead of the actual holiday being celebrated...) and then working such crazy hours, witnessing some of the worst manners humanity has to offer. The irony of the whole Thanksgiving/Materialistic Consumerism makes me a little crazy. (And soapbox-y, apparently!) ;)

    That said, I have a lot of friends for whom it's a fun family tradition, who don't get into manic wrestling matches with their fellow shoppers over the year's must-have gift. It's just not for me, I guess. :)

    Your pictures are darling-- I love the red pea coat! And I love you guys' quirky sense of humor. Awesome cakes. :) Oh-- and the image of you at the library made me laugh right out loud... I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the huge stash in my stroller. :D

  2. I would come! And I'd bring as many people as I could with me!

    Also, AMEN! to Black Friday and the whole buy, buy, buy mentality. My husband and I decided to give each other handmade gifts this year (and plane tickets to spend Christmas with my parents) and it's kind of a breath of fresh air not to feel stressed about Christmas shopping.

    I really like your story of your coat. It makes me want to evaluate all the material things I have and make sure my heart is in the right place.

    Thank you for your inspired words!

  3. 100% agree with you on Black Friday taking over Thanksgiving. So sad. I try to not even go into stores with my kids from Thanksgiving through New Year's. Blech.
    Your family pictures are so cute- and I love the coat! I'd like to have one like that, but I haven't worn a coat in ages as we live in the hot desert.
    I love the pile of books too. I do the same thing and get a few raised eyebrows. Oh well. My barely 5 year old reads like a pro!

  4. If you go to Rexburg, I'll definitely be there. And I'll bring the book that I ordered!

  5. A plunger? See that is the thing that we need most. Not because of umm... well number twos, but because children under 8 have a hard time understanding just how much toilet paper one bottom needs. My husband always buys the expensive quilt thick toilet paper. Me? I buy the cheapest thinnest stuff, knowing that when I am plunging away next time I'll be greatful for the one that breaks up easier. I totally know this is wildly TMI, but you asked for suggestions and I just wanted to explain mine.

    1. Ooh, I like that idea and it wouldn't be too hard to make!

    2. The explanation for World Toilet Day literally made me laugh out loud. And made my day. I live in Canada, so Black Friday comes WAY after our Thanksgiving, so it doesn't really seemed connected to Thanksgiving. Although it seems wierd to have it here (becuase it is just in the last few years they've had sales here on Black FridaY). We have Boxing Day sales, the day after Christmas. Also very gimme, gimme,...or I suppose a way to wait it out and make a frugal buy at something you've been coveting (almost a good thing, right?). We have piles of books too...glad to hear there are kindred spirits out there.