Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Things for Friday, 49th Edition


It snowed!

At least in my neck of the woods, it did.

A few weekends ago we cleaned out our garage ( which consisted mostly of shoving un-packed boxes into the loft space) so that we could park our cars in there. This is the first time in my entire life that I have ever parked my car in a garage. When I lived at home my parents got the garage and I parked my old car out on the street. At college I never lived in a place fancy enough to have covered parking and all the houses Jon and I have lived in since we have been married haven't had a garage. So this house has been our first garage! I still am not convinced that a garage is really worth all the space it takes up (it seems like just a big place to store extra stuff that we should really just get rid of) but I will admit that on snowy mornings it has been SO wonderful not to have to scrape ice and snow off the car.

I could get use to that.

The kids love the garage because of the garage door opener. They think it is the best toy in the whole house. Actually, on Rose's birthday Jon re-furbished a little bike for Rose and instead of wrapping it he hid it in the garage. He wrapped the garage door opener up for her thinking she would open it, go down and open the garage door, and find the bike. When she opened the present and saw the garage door opener she got the BIGGEST smile on her face and said, "Oh, Dad my very own! This is my very own?" She didn't quite get the idea of the treasure hunt and thought that Dad had just given her "her very own" garage door opener. She was thrilled and for about a week we couldn't tear it away from her. It wasn't till it finally ran out of batteries (from constantly opening and closing that blasted door) that we were able to reclaim it.

Somehow we have been able to convince her that we all need to share it, but I still think that was by far her favorite birthday gift!


Speaking of birthdays this little nursling is going to turn ONE in a few weeks.

Abe with his great-grandma
This year has gone by so fast. It literally feels like I just had him and I swear that he is much, much too little to be a year old. When I look at pictures of Asher and Rose it seems like they were much bigger and older than he is at a year. But then I look at the pictures closer and realize that Abe is wearing the exact same outfits that Asher wore at the same age and doing close to the same things.

It has made me realize that perhaps I really pushed Asher too much when he was little (and that perhaps maybe I still do). I wanted him to grow up and move onto the next "phase" because it was exciting and challenging, but with Abe I feel like I just want him to stay little for awhile longer. Maybe that is because I know how fast they grow up once they start walking and talking!

He hasn't started walking yet, and really isn't interested in it yet. Mostly he just loves to climb things, especially the stairs. Every time he sees them he makes a dash for them and climbs them before I even know what has happened! I have been trying to teach him how to go down the stairs on his tummy (thus making the whole process much safer) but he is terrified of the idea. He usually clings to the carpet with both of his hands and screams whenever I try to teach him. I am just hoping he figures it out soon, because he sure makes me nervous.

 I know General Conference is way over, but I just loved this this video. It made me smile.

I apologize in advance if the song gets stuck in your head!


Rose had a cute moment this week. We were at the store and she had to go the bathroom. I helped her get situated in the stall and then went out to wait until she was done. As soon as I closed the stall door she started singing to herself, "When my mother calls me, quickly I'll obey". She learned that song in nursery a few weeks ago and has been singing it non-stop ever since. The lady in the stall next to her came out laughing and smiling. As she washed her hands and listened to Rose sing she turned to me and said, "That is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard in my life." Sometimes it is wonderful to have other people remind me that my kids are cute. I think that I get so use to their quirky ways that they can just seem more annoying than anything... so thank you to the lady washing her hands... for the reminder.


 I realized this year why the grocery stores put out Halloween candy so early. You buy it, thinking that you are ahead of the game and getting prepared for trick-or-treating way in advance. When the reality is that you buy it and then eat it all before Halloween and have to go back and buy some more. But of course I am not saying this from experience or anything like that....

Have a wonderful weekend and a Spooky Halloween!

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  2. Rose is priceless. So are you!

  3. Rose is such a doll! Both stories are very funny....and cute!