Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things for Friday, 47th Edition


I need some help from experienced (or not so experienced) quilters.

I really want to make Rose a twin sized quilt for her bed, but the challenge is that I want to make it out of my scrap material.

I have looked at different quilt patterns but I am feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. I was hoping that someone out there might have a good suggestion for how I can turn all of this

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into something beautiful for Rose's bed. I just don't know where to start-- or if making something with all of this is even possible-- so if you have any suggestions it would be most helpful! 


Last week my beautiful friend and co-author, Felice, got sealed in the Los Angeles Temple to an amazing man!

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that God lead them to each other because their story is just remarkable... and they are uncannily so perfect for one another! Seeing them together was such a testament to me that God hears and answers our prayers, in ways we never expected and that He knows the deepest  desires of our hearts. If you have a moment you should read Felice and Rocky's love story... it is beautiful and a powerful reminder that you should never give up hope!

I didn't notice later that we all wore white shirts! Good karma.
All of the "book girls" (as we have started calling ourselves) were able to be there and it was such a beautiful day. They were sealed in one of the sealing rooms off of the Celestial Room and so all five of us were able to be in the Celestial room together, which was just about as heavenly as things get. The only thing that could have made it better was if Jon had been there with me... but he had to hold down the fort and watch the yahoos.

I can't even believe how much I love these ladies. If nothing else comes from our book than the fact I have these incredible women in my life... that would be enough.

Oh, and speaking of weddings. Rose inherited some new dress- up clothes last week from my step-sister and after she spend a good hour trying them all on, and taking them all off, and then putting them back on again, she decided that the "wedding gurl" was her favorite. 

This picture makes me just about want to die. I don't think she could get any more adorable. And I just can't help but think that in about 20 years this will be the perfect picture to include in the slide show for her wedding. Which I honestly, right now, I can't even being to fathom.


Now that school has officially started again I have been trying (and not always succeeding) in having more structure in our day,  including trying to do regular "pre-school" with my kids. So far most days I put Abe down for his morning nap around 8:45 AM and then the kids and I say the Pledge of Allegiance (which by the way Asher almost said all by himself yesterday without any prompting), sing a primary song, and then read stories together. Not very elaborate, but (most days) it is really enjoyable. 

I mentioned before that I have been trying to put together a curriculum (that sounds much fancier than it really is) to teach my children different Christ-like attributes each month.  It is coming together little by little and I will most likely share it with you once I have it all together, and do a trial run. This month I decided to focus on honesty and so I have been adding in little virtue lessons into our daily routine as well. The picture below is of the kids playing in the spider web I made in our school room out of yarn. It was an object lesson to show how when you tell a lie it traps you and makes life harder than if you just tell the truth. They kids loved it, especially Abraham and it seemed like every time I turned around I had to untangle him from it!

We also made "cloud dough" this week, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Definitely an outside activity though!

I have also been trying to take the kids on a nature walk at least once a week. Which, as you read here, was really eventful this week!


I am so excited about the Mormon Women Project salon this weekend! Can't wait to see you there.

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  1. Heather
    I have a real simple idea for your quilt project,squares. I taught myself to quilt and the simplest quilt is one made of squares. You can determine what size square, and how many you want to go "across" or horizontal and how many to go "down" vertical. Use the measurement of the twin bed. If you want a fancy simple quilt, you can do what is called: 4 patch quilting. Four squares of fabric sewn together to form a 4-patch block, sewn with 1/4 inch seam. Same formula, take the height of the 4 patch and determine the over all size of the quilt. Does this make sense? When you are done, measure out some batting,( I suggest low loft, its easier to work with,)and measure out a backing, make a "cloth sandwich". You can pin it and tie it, which is easy. You can measure out strips of fabric to bind it, or use pre made binding.
    Good luck, hopefully you can show us the end results.

  2. Heather, there is a fairly simple, but striking when finished, pattern called "Disappearing nine-patch". Search that on the'll get better directions than I can write. Basically, you make a square of 9 smaller squares, or any number of squares that are divisable by 9. Then you cut the 9 patch square into four piece...cut down the middle vertically and also horizontally. Then, turn these squares to make a new design. So, if your big square is made of 9 smaller squares (the easiest size to do this with), after you cut it, you will have four squares that each have a square that is the size you put together for the 9 patch, then two rectangles, the same width and half as tall, and then a smaller square that it 1/4 the original size. When you rotate these cut pieces, you can make amazing patterns that look way more complicated than they are! There are a lot of tutorials on the 'net.

  3. Heather, I don't know much about quilting, but I *do* think that the fabric you've assembled will make a fantastic quilt top, whatever you end up doing.

    And, I have to say: Wedding Gurl is adorable...

  4. These two links are variations of the disappearing nine patch, they are done on a diagonal...super cute, looks like you did something much harder!

    Disappearing Nine - - this blog also has other tutorials that you might like.

  5. Cut the fabric into 6 1/2 inch squares. Lay them out in a design you like 8 x 16 maybe on a diagonal like this or random like this sew them together in rows with a 1/4inch seam then sew the rows together. Use a bed sheet for the backing and low loft batting in the middle.

  6. Good luck with your quilt! It was so great to have you stay with me for the wedding. :)