Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrating Emma Smith's Birthday... again!

Next Tuesday, July 10th is Emma Smith's, the wife of the prophet Joseph Smith, 208th birthday. She is one of the only women mentioned in the scriptures whose birthday we know and so last year I did a week long birthday celebration for her. It was a powerful experience for me to reflect and ponder more deeply about her life and her role in the restoration of the gospel.  I wanted to do it again this year.   Starting next Sunday I will posting something about Emma Smith's life every day. I have some of my own thoughts and have asked  people who "know" Emma much better than I do to share what they know about her life and their testimonies of her.  Her life is so often the center of confusion and controversy and I hope that the posts this week will give you a better perspective on the life and mission of this amazing woman.

I also want to repeat the gift that I gave Emma last year.  When I thought about what she might most appreciate the thought came powerfully to me that what she would want for her birthday is to hear people, 200 years after she was gone, bear testimony of The Book of Mormon. Emma literally sacrificed everything she had, her family, her home, her children, her physical comfort, her health and even her husband, to help bring forth the Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. I can't imagine that anything would bring her more joy than to know that her sacrifices weren't in vain and that the Book of Mormon has been one of the most powerful forces on the earth for bringing millions of people to their Savior Jesus Christ.

So sometime next week, Sunday July 8th to Saturday July 14th, I am inviting you to give Emma Smith a birthday present by bearing your testimony of the Book of Mormon on Facebook, Twitter, or on your blog.  If you write something on your blog I will have a photo linky up all week (and a little longer) so you can keep adding to it when you get a chance to post your testimony.

It would be incredible if we could flood the Internet that week with testimonies about the Book of Mormon for her. A small way to say thank-you for the gift she sacrificed so much to give.

I would love having your help to spread the word this gift. Please share this link, pin it on Pinterest, write about it on your blog, tweet it on twitter, or just do it the old fashioned way and go across the street to tell your  neighbor. Anything would be great. I have also started a Facebook event group to help get the word out-- join it and invite your friends!  Also, if you aren't able to post your testimony during the week of her birthday,  please feel free to do it later. I know she will still appreciate the gift.

Here are the posts from last year's celebration in case you missed them:

The Life of Emma Smith: Part 1 by Shantel Gardner
The Life of Emma Smith: Part 2 by Shantel Gardner
A Video  Tribute to Emma
The Nauvoo Willow Tree (one of my favorite songs about Emma ever)
My Gift for Emma Smith (which, by the way, has just been published in a great book for young women!).

 Happy Birthday Emma! 

208 and still looking great!

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  1. I am so glad you are doing this again! Yay! I am excited to read what others have to say. I love seeing love for her spreading the way it has. Thank you for helping with that.