Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Things for Friday, 43rd Edition


I have been feeling really home sick lately. I know we moved more than a month ago but I really miss my house, my neighbors, my ward, my grocery store, my apriocot tree (which would be overflowing right now), my shower, my yard, my chickens. Pretty much everything. It is hard to get use to a new city and a new house. Though I am sure I will, eventually. I feel like I am a really adaptable person and can be happy just about anywhere---  if you give me enough time.

The last few weeks though I have really been missing having chickens. I didn't realize how much we ate eggs. We got about 6 a day and we usually used them all.  I now need to buy 3 dozen eggs from the store to keep up with our egg habit! And it is hard to buy store bought eggs now. Fresh eggs are so much better. I didn't realize how different they are until we didn't have them any more. Store bought eggs don't even look or taste close to what a fresh egg does. We were spoiled. Sigh.

As I was pining away for my chickens I read this really funny post by one of the women I blog stalk. The end had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears. Oh, roosters...


One of my readers brought it to my attention that my "Women in the Scripture Challenge" button (that is on the sidebar of my blog) wasn't working. She was good enough to find the problem with the code (one additonal /) and I was able to fix it fairly easily. If you have the button on your blog I would highly suggest updating it to the new one, found here, as the old one will just take you to a blank page.Here is the new one for easy access.

Women in the Scriptures

Also, I didn't notice it when my blog was re-designed a few months ago (for which I am so grateful) but Misty created a beautiful button for those of you who have completed the Women in the Scriptures Challenge (the full or the half challenge). If you have finished you are welcome to take it. It was a fun treasure to discover. I didn't know that she had done that. Thanks Misty!

Women in the Scriptures


Rose is quite the little chatter box. Her vocabulary has exploded the last few months and she surprises me all the time with long stories and narratives. She is still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the English language and it is really cute. Lately she has been saying "they" instead of "them". Like, "Mom, here are my shoes. Will you put they on me" or " Crackers! Mom, I want they." I really love it.

Asher and Rose also started telling me that they want to eat their banana's "like a monkey". Which means they want it with the peel only pulled half down. Then they usually make monkey sounds and jump around... which is just an added bonus. Wild kids.


Our book launch party went great. It was so fun to get to meet more of you and get to spend more time with these amazing women (we missed you Sheridan!).

And signing books in a very professional manner :)


So now I guess our book is officially launched! Woo hoo!  I will be excited to see where the current takes us from here.


Any suggestions for good summer foods. Turns out that everything I like to cook requires I heat up the stove and the oven. With temparatures pushing the 100s around here that is really not a good idea.  I am getting bored of having hoagie sandwiches, spinach salad, and cold cereal for dinner-- not all at the same time mind you :)  I'd love to hear your favorite--cold-- summer recipies!


Pretty Please.

I am getting desperate.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Last year when we were in Tunisia (and feeling the hot wind off the Sahara) I did a couple of posts on summer cooking: and


  2. Here is my link - the linky doesn't like me!


  3. have you ever had texas caviar? thats one of our faves around here. its kind of like salsa but it has more beans and corn and less tomatoes. with chips it makes a pretty filling meal. you could also melt cheese on the chips which would make it even more filling. also, don't forget about crockpots! you can cook things without getting hot; it's so great!

  4. That is my suggestion- crock pot! It's my life saver in the summer! I used it a couple times a week year round. Love it!

    1. Oh, and for me, making lasagna in the slow cooker is way easier than the traditional way in the oven! You can use regular lasagna noodles, and you don't have to cook them first!

  5. has an amazing asian cabbage salad, try that, I've made it for a few parties this week and it is great!

  6. Lots of salads, grilling and crock pot! We even did baked potatoes in the crock pot and it worked great!

  7. We eat a lot of tilapia ceviche in the summer. My kids love it. And pizza on the BBQ grill!

  8. Light rye bread toasted, spread with cream cheese, topped with sautéed veggies (aka summer squashes, peppers, and such). Try it! Right now! And we miss you too. I about cried when I saw your post about Emma's birthday. What will our RS ever do without you? Adjust quickly and share your talents with new lucky people...all our love.

  9. Here's a few recipes:

    And one of my favorites that just feels good (add a few ice cubes if it's really hot):

    Really the whole website is fun to look over and pretty well organized. Lots of ideas!