Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Things For Friday, 41st Edition


Summer is underway for us and so far it has been quite exciting. First there was Rose locking herself in our bedroom for 2 hours. For some reason the house we are renting had a mega super key lock on the bedroom door and Rose couldn't get it open. Finally my mother-in-law came over with a hack saw and sawed off the door knob to get her out-- turns out that works! Who needs the fire department when you have Jon's mom, she is super woman-- honestly. I think Rose actually enjoyed most of the experience. Asher slipped her toys and pictures under the door and when we opened the door she was trying on my high heels. When Dad got home she just told him " It was kina funny."

A few days later I got a knock on my door and opened to find our new neighbor across the street (who I met once before). He didn't say anything just babbled incoherently and then pointed across the street to where our old beat up truck had rolled out of our driveway, part way down the hill and crashed into his son's car... which happened to be a new Audi. Ugg-- why couldn't it have been any other type of car?! Our truck was in gear but I guess that as old as it is it needed the parking break on too. Appears  that living on a hill is going to take some getting used to. You can't  even tell that anything happened to it, which I guess is the joy of having old ugly beat up cars. The other car however is going to need a whole new side panel and door :(  It was an certainly interesting way to meet our  neighbors! 


We are having a Book Launch Party for "The Gift of Giving Life" on  

Tuesday June 26th 
from 6-9 PM at 
the Belvedere 
( 29 S State Street in Salt Lake City). 

The authors of the book will be there and there will be refreshments. We are also putting together a little slide show and will have books for sale and to sign-- You could get one signed by all five of us! Maybe in like a million years that would be worth something :) It will be open house style so come for a little bit and say hello. I love getting to meet my readers in real life-- so if you have time and live in the area bring a friend (or hubby) and get some food!

If you haven't been following our virtual book tour stop by and take a look. We have gotten some wonderful feedback on the book. Also, there is a 10% off coupon that is only good until Father's Day!


I have been so impressed with the way our Ward here has been friendshipping us. They have been amazing. In the first week and a half we were here the Bishopric and the Relief Society had come to visit, given us assignments to speak in church and had callings for us (teaching Sunday School). Either they don't have very many new move-ins here or they are just so on top of things!

And on top of that just look what showed up in my front yard this morning- to weed the flower beds, trim back the bushes and mow the yard.

These kids were participating in a youth conference and the house they had been assigned to didn't have enough work for all of them. My neighbor sent them over to help me! I was so touched and as Rose said, "Dat was neat Mom." Really neat.


I went up to Idaho to visit my family last week and it was so much fun.We took the kids to the zoo and had a blast. Look at my beautiful sister-- they are so wonderful. Sometimes I don't know how I was so blessed to have them in my life! 



Look who is working on crawling! He is just barely 7 months old and I have a feeling he is going to be taking off on his hands and knees in the next week or so. That is too young to be mobile! Asher and Rose didn't crawl till about 9 months. I just want him to stay a baby. It makes me a bit sad to see him grow up so fast. I apologize in advance for the silly "mommy voice"-- you never realize how dumb you sound till afterward!

He does this really funny push-up on his toes move. I've never seen a kid more happy with himself. 

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to give your Dad's lots of love. They sure deserve it.

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  1. Your baby is the cutest! He reminds me of my youngest; she was six months old when she started crawling...about a week before we moved house. Oy. That was a challenge! These babies need to stop growing up so fast.

    Sorry to hear about the car incident! That stinks. Hopefully it will be something you can laugh about before too long.

  2. Oh, that first story... what an adventure. I love Rose's statement afterward. " It was kina funny." So cute.

    Oh, and I just wish I could be in SL for that book launch party! Bummer for me.

    I can't believe your baby is already 7 months! And trying to crawl..! Time can be such a nasty, vicious thing.

  3. My daughters have the same swimming suit! (In pink and blue) ;) One of my daughters has also had quite a thing with locking doors lately...lucky for me it didn't come down to a hacksaw, but that moment of panic when I realized the BABY was in there ALONE was awful. Kids are so funny!

  4. Could your babies get any cuter!!! Love the hat on sweet Abraham :)

  5. I used to babysit a little girl in my ward (full-time, at her house), before I had my second baby. This little girl is the same age as my boy. One day she locked herself in her room and FREAKED OUT. I think it was right around her second birthday. Her mom was out of town and I couldn't get through to her dad at work. I finally got in touch with the mom and when everything we could think of to open the door didn't work, the mom said, "JUST BREAK IT DOWN! BREAK DOWN THAT DOOR!!" So I did. My shoulder was sore for a few days, and the poor child was pretty traumatized. Glad Rose was okay!