Monday, April 30, 2012

The Book is Born!

My baby is here!

She was born a few days ago and is now ready to come to your house!

The pre-sales have all been shipped and should be in your hands around May 8th.

If you haven't ordered a copy yet you can buy one here NOW. If you order it soon it should get here in time for Mother's Day-- which would be the PERFECT gift. Tell your husbands ;)

If you don't have the money to buy a copy now go to your library and beg them to order a copy. Though trust me this is a book that you will want to have your own copy of.

But then again I am biased. Just a little. 

If you want to read excerpts from the book, to tide you over till you get the real thing, go here.

Oh, I love birth days!


  1. I had my third baby in February and was hoping the book would arrive before he was born (when I pre-ordered, Valentine's day was the hopeful date), but even though he's 2.5 months old now, I'm still very excited for this. Can't wait to get it! Congratulations!

    1. I am so sorry that the book didn't get out in time for your baby. We had a hard second stage of labor with the book and pushing it out was harder than anyone expected. Turns out that editing a book that has over 70 contributions is tough! I am excited for you to get it soon!

    2. No Worries! Having kids (and books, it sounds like!) is all about flexibility :). My book arrived today! I read a bit and it's great so far. Good work and congrats again!

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY to your book! I can't wait to give her a read! :)