Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Things for Friday, Evidence that I Might Have Children Living in My House Edition

As I mentioned last week I've been having to keep our house in a state of unusual tidiness in order to have it ready to show at the drop of hat. My kids have actually been doing a great job of keeping things clean and helping me tidy up. I've been really impressed with how patient they have been with me. Whenever we have a house showing Jon has been taking the kids for walk or on some sort of outing while I show the house. After they leave I always do a last walk through to make sure there aren't any unusual evidences that three children live in my house. Often times what I find makes me smile and remember just how much I love these little ragamuffins. I thought I'd just share a few of my favorite discoveries-- things that are invaluable and precious to me-- but which I am sure might not be quite as charming to potential buyers.

Evidence #1

Poor beanie baby snake. Looks like someone set you up to guard the snack cupboard and then forgot about you. Thanks for doing your job so well. I know I was frightened away.

Evidence #2

A sopping wet page torn out of the phone book and ingeniously slapped onto the fridge. Only a two-year-old would be so creative. I'm just impressed she only did one page and not the whole phone book!

Evidence # 3

A pirate rescue mission, which was abandoned in favor of bedtime stories with Dad. Luckily mom came and untangled the unfortunate pirates from the pull chord or they would have been hanging there all night. One of them most certainly would have fallen into the grasp of the evil black dude below. Dun, dun, dun.

Evidence #4

Abandoned fairy wings. But don't worry you can rest assured that when the little fairy wakes up from her nap she will put them right back on and flutter around the house tweeting "I hongry, I hongry."

Evidence #5

Pacifiers in unusual places, like this nice collection on the bookshelf. Which of course I found when I wasn't looking for them. If had been looking for them I doubt I could have found any-- pacifiers are kind of sneaky like that.

With all this evidence I think it would be pretty safe for a casual observer to guess that I might have just a few of these lying around the house...

Which I don't mind a bit.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. This post made me smile.

    Especially the phone book page on the fridge. We just did paper mache and I keep expecting to see something like this happen...

  2. I love this. :)
    The poor beanie snake looks exactly like something my daughter would do. All the little evidences of our little ones scattered about the house-- you just can't help but smile. :)

  3. That was so sweet. What a lovely bunch of memories you were able to catch on film.

  4. These are the sweet memories that make up our lives. The little things that we so often miss. Lovely post!

  5. Hahaha! My favorite is the pirate rescue mission. :) I love the little fun things of having little ones around!