Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Things for Friday, 36th Edition

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I can tell Spring is coming soon

because the woodpecker has started pecking on our chimney pipe again.

Several times a day I hear a drumming rattling noise coming from the roof...

and that sound is the best indicator
that winter is almost over and Spring is just around the corner.


That there is a very confused

woodpecker up on our roof trying to make his nest in a iron pipe.

Good luck tragically mixed up little bird...

welcome back...

but try not to give yourself too big a headache.


One of our chickens laid the tiniest egg this week. Can you believe this? It is the size of a quarter.

We've gotten an egg this small one time before, but it was when our hens were young. We just figured it was someone's first try at laying an egg and that is why it was small.

This time though all our ladies are experienced egg layers and so I don't know why one laid this tiny egg. Asher really wants me to make him a small fried egg out of it!


Can I just say "Amen" to this.
She basically wrote the post that has been floating around in my head for the last few months.


I got this book in the mail last week.

I have been reading it and loving it. It is about the women that Christ interacted with and performed miracles for when He was on the earth. I will write a full review of it sometime soon but I just had to let you know about it. I LOVE it that there are so many women bearing their testimonies of all the amazing women in the scriptures!

Also, here is a great video by the authors talking about the book. It will get you excited to read it, I promise.


General Conference starts tomorrow woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!

I love General Conference.

In the comments in my last post on ideas for LDS religious holiday's someone commented that General Conference is sort of an LDS holiday. I thought that was a really good observation. I know that to me it always feels like a holiday, and I remember in college it was something that people always "went home" for to be with their family if they could. I also know that lots of families have traditional foods and activities they do on General Conference weekend... so I think it is pretty accurate to call it a religious "holiday". And really... we are a young church, give us another 2,000+ years like the Catholics, Jews and Muslims have had and we might just have some pretty good religious/historical holidays going!

I hope you take advantage of the spiritual feast and have an awesome weekend!

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  1. The little egg, while odd, is really cute. (Why are things in extra small packages always cute? I don't know.)

    Also, I checked out that article. Wow. It makes me so happy to know there are people out there going against the grain and calling out that book and movie. It really makes me ill seeing just how popular it is.

  2. I'm in the middle of reading the article on the Hunger Games right now {it's opened in a different tab}. Love what she has written!

    GC is here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Poor little woodpecker! :) That made me giggle-- my aunt has a woodpecker in her yard that drives her nuts this time of year. I hope yours isn't as headache-inducing!

    I am totally with you on the whole Hunger Games mania. Most of my friends here are SO into the books and the movie, but I just can't go there. Honestly, it makes me just kind of sad and sick at heart. Not my thing.

    Hooray for Conference Weekend! ♥

  4. Poor little woodpecker!!! :) That made me giggle. I hope he's not too headache-inducing on your end... I know the woodpecker in my aunt's yard drives her to distraction each spring. :)

    I'm totally with you on the Hunger Games mania. It seems like most of my friends down here are completely caught up in the books and movie... but I just can't go there. I get too caught up in the story when I'm reading, I don't know that I'd be strong enough to stop halfway like you! :) So for me, it's been a deliberate choice just to pick something else. I thought this was an excellent article from the Ensign:

    Hooray for Conference Weekend! Woooooo! :D Best wishes. ♥

  5. A resounding "amen" to your amen.

    Thanks for sharing the link. I
    think there are many of us struggling to make it through all the hype surrounding this series. And perhaps we are - quite honestly - a little stunned from the popularity it has within "our own ranks"!

    I am so grateful for Conference simply for the break it gives us away from Church. I don't mean that in a bad way but my children are worn out from all the HG conversation at all their church activities.

    I'm glad to know our family is not alone. :)