Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Things For Friday, 22nd Edition


Sorry about not having a Five Things for Friday post last week. All THREE of our computers were being fickle, I was traveling by myself with two little kids, and I have been SO tired lately. So I am sorry the post didn't happen, but just know that if I miss a week I will always pick it back up the next week... or the next. Sometimes blogging just has to take a back seat.


Here are my two little ragamuffins all dressed up for Halloween. They sure had a lot of fun and I was so happy with how their costumes turned out. Even though Rose's bat hat just about gave me an ulcer trying to figure out how to put together... but it finally worked out thanks to a neighbor who is a much better seamstress than me!

I've decided that my official approach to Halloween candy is going to be "let the kids binge for a whole day until it is gone." We tried rationing the candy but we got so tired of being begged and begged for another piece that we finally just told them they could just eat what was in their bags whenever they wanted but when it was gone it was gone. They ate candy non-stop for a day, which made them super wild, but now that all the candy is gone (and passed through their system) life is better. I think in the future I am not even going to try to control the madness, but just hang on tight until it is over.


Have I mentioned I love, love, love the Relief Society station on the Mormon Channel? Every month Sister Julie Beck answers questions from women around the world and (like always) her insights are so powerful and beautiful. Last night I was listening to the latest interview about Trials and Adversity and so much of it spoke right to my heart. I also loved the one she did about Temple Covenants. If you get the chance I'd highly recommend listening to them. I know that I have learned so much!


At least once a month I get an email or a comment from someone telling me that James E. Talmage's name is spelled wrong on my blog header. Which it is (there isn't a "d" in it). The problem is that because of how I made the header changing it is a lot of work and would require me to pretty much re-design my website. Which I don't feel up to doing. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who does web design (or who knows someone who does it) who would like re-design my blog for me in exchange for advertising and publicity on my blog. I don't want anything fancy but what I do want is a bit more than my poor design skills can manage. If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, please let me know!


37 weeks! That is how pregnant I am. Besides being tired and waddling like a duck (my hips still hurt sometimes) I am feeling really good. I am in awe of how my body has changed. It never ceases to amaze me how it can expand to such an unusual shape. It is beautiful. I feel round, ripe, and bursting to the seams with life. I am starting to get so excited about meeting this little person!

One of my friends, who was due two weeks before me, just had her baby last week because she came two weeks early. That really kicked me into gear and I've started in earnest getting things ready for this baby. We should be getting our home birth kit from our midwife this week (which includes things like a birth pool, towels, sanitary supplies, and emergency and resuscitation supplies) and I am excited. Having it around always makes me feel so much more ready and prepared. Though I still think I have quite awhile before this baby comes. My due date is Thanksgiving, but I'm guessing he/she won't come until December. My other two have come early or on their due date but it seems like God has thrown me a lot of curve balls this pregnancy and so I'm not counting on things being the same as my others. I trust that God has His own timetable and even though it is getting hard, I'm willing to wait for this little one to be ready for its mortal experience. Though I wouldn't mind if he/she was ready sooner rather than later :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your little ones look so cute in their costumes! I always dreamed of making my children's costumes, I sort of did last year, (I made a hood so my girlie could be little red riding hood,) but we didn't even celebrate this year...

    And you look fantastic. Pregnant women are so beautiful! And, oh, how exciting that it won't be much longer before you've got that new little one in your arms! Those last couple of weeks and days can be some of the hardest, but they're worth every minute. I love your attitude about it. :)

  2. I like buying the candy from the child and tossing it myself. I wish you a happy, safe, speedy birth. Home Birth was my choice after have a couple at the hospital. For us and our midwives, it was sorta scary, because it was illegal to do VBAC at home. Although, I would not have done it another way. Water birthing was a new thing after the birth of our last child over 20 years ago.

  3. 37 weeks! Hooray! If your blog header is a .jpg, I can fix it in Photoshop for you really quickly (handsfullmom at gmail), but I'm html-illiterate for the other stuff. =)

  4. I was so happy to see Five Things for Friday this week! I think after you have the baby you can still keep it up without too much trouble - just post 5 pictures of the kids each week. LOL! It's wonderful that you're so close to baby time. Enjoy the last of the pregnancy!

  5. I love sister Beck too. When I was working I would listen to the Mormon channel all day at work, it's such a wonderful resource.

  6. Heather, you look so great! How exciting to be down to the final weeks. Sending warm wishes your way.
    Your little ones are so cute in their costumes! Ours were all sick this week, so we pretty much missed out this year. :( Oh, and I am also totally in love with the Relief Society channel too. Those Q&A sessions are my absolute favorite. :)

  7. I saw a great idea for the Halloween candy here:

    I also have friends whose kids leave their candy out for the "great pumpkin" or the "candy witch" who leaves them a toy in return.

    And you look fabulous! I wish you all the best as you get ready to welcome this new little one. There's nothing better than a new baby in the house. ;)

  8. I have a Halloween candy link too--

    She's eloquent about why what you did, or something pretty close to it, is a really good idea.

  9. Have you read this yet?

    Elder Andersen quoted it in his conference talk on children and I went and found it. I really enjoyed it and thought you would too.

    I think I've mentioned before that I knew we were due around the same time, but I didn't realize we have the same due date! Gotta love Thanksgiving.

  10. 37 weeks! Exciting times . . . I had a baby due on Thanksgiving one year, but she didn't come until December 10! I'm looking forward to reading the birth story--I never get tired of those.

  11. You look amazing! Exciting that the time is drawing near....I have one that was born on the 23rd, so her birthday hits Thanksgiving every so often.

    Hope everyhing goes smoothly...sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. I too am looking forward to the birth story. I love those!

    (Wishing I could have had a homebirth, but I've had 5 c-sections, with one "window" on the scar....homebirth is not gonna happen for me in this lifetime sadly).

  12. I'm so glad you posted a pic. I've been wanting to see your beautiful ripe self. You look amazing and radiant. Love you!