Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Things for Friday, 8th Edition


I've discovered two really wonderful things. The first one is The General Conference Book Club hosted over at Diapers and Divinity. The idea is that each week the "book club" reads a talk from General Conference and then discusses it together online. What a great idea! I am going to try to join up in this as much as I can because I find that sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself to go back and re-read the conference addresses.

The second one is Sisters at the Well which has resources to help women (or men) put together scriptures study groups. Here is what they provide (for free!):
Each year’s study covers one book or section of scripture so that the sisters can have the experience of studying the word of God in more depth than it is possible to do in a gospel doctrine class that must cover one of the Standard Works in a year. The lessons are designed to provide guided study materials for personal study. Sisters meet together weekly or every other week to discuss together the insights they gleaned from their personal study. The notes are to be read after answering the questions. They are not intended as source material for answers. The scriptures are the only source we use for answering the study guide questions. We want you to learn to search the scriptures for yourself.
This is really a great resource and if you can't pull together a group of women who want to study the scriptures together you could always do it by yourself. Really, how cool would it be though to have a group of women who regularly got together to study the scriptures in depth together-- now that would be POWER!


I think that I might be growing a somewhat peculiar child inside of me because, much to my surprise, I have been craving eggplant like a wild woman this pregnancy. Granted, I like eggplant but I realized that this craving might be just a bit over the top when I looked out in my garden and saw that I have planted EIGHT eggplants. Does anyone really need that much eggplant? I hope that in August this baby still wants eggplant because I am going to be swimming in it! Anyone have any good recipes?


I ended up being able to attend the LDS Holistic Living Conference and it was really wonderful. The best part though was getting to meet some of my blogging buddies and readers. I think that is the best part of writing a blog-- meeting new people that you'd never normally get to meet. It was especially fun to bump into Katrina of Musings of a Redhead. We've been trying to get together for months but it never worked and out and then we ran into each other! She is just as sweet in person and she is on her blog. If you haven't seen her project "At Mother's Breast" I'd hop on over and take a look. She takes the most incredible photos!


I won an iPad at a banquet I went to with my husband a few months ago. I never win anything and so I was super excited. When they called my number I got so excited I forgot my ticket at my seat and had to go back for it, and then I dropped it four or five times on my way up to claim my prize. I was certainly good comic relief! So far the iPad has been claimed by my three-year-old and I think it mostly gets used for playing matching games and creating coloring pages. I am really wanting to get some good apps on it but I am overwhelmed by all the choices. Can any other iPad users out there give me some good ideas for apps--- for toddlers as well as adults?


We took our kids out to a local historical farm awhile ago, you know the type where they have an old farm house with a wood burning stove, hay rides, people dressed up in old fashioned clothes, cows that you can milk, and farm animals you can pet and watch. It was really fun and my kids loved it but I couldn't think how strange it is that in our modern world we are so distanced from where our food supply comes from that farms seem quaint and entertaining. The whole time we were there I just kept imagining how ridiculous the whole scene would seem to original occupants of the historic farm house. These people are paying money to milk a cow! They are taking pictures of the pigs and the chickens like they are exotic animals! They don't know what a root cellar is for! My children live in such a different world than their grandparents did. It makes me wonder what things I have in my house now will one day end up on a "historic farm" for my grandchildren to marvel at!


  1. WOW! The Sisters at the Well site looks fabulous. Even for a personal study standpoint.

    And winning an iPad? Awesome! Even if you did go with your husbands. {{wink}} slight typo that just sounded really hilarious. Maybe just cause I'm reading this at 11:00 at night!

  2. Hi Heather
    Thanks for those suggestions, wow an I-Pad, I want one too LOL:)
    I have been reading this book:"Choose Ye this Day to Serve the Lord", talks from the 2010 BYU Womens Conferece. Every one of these talks are just awesome.

    As for those eggplants, check out some Greek recipes. I like them southern style,like fried green tomatoes. Slice them to your preferred thickness,you can dip them in an egg wash and then either flour them, or cornmeal them,(I think flour works better for eggplants). Fry until crisp season to taste;and yum-o girlfriend. They make great lasagna too.

  3. Congrats on winning something! I wish I could have watched you attempt to claim your prize. I also wish I lived on a historical farm. Spirits in heaven must think we're so weird sometimes.

  4. I'm planning on having a boatload of eggplant too... love that stuff! I like to make baked eggplant this

    my kids love pizza made on an eggplant slice. You slice it pretty thick and cover with sauce and cheese and have a cute little purple crust pizza!

    and of course eggplant parmesan. This is a different version I want to try when I am flush with those purple guys.

    good luck with your garden!

  5. Thanks for the recipe ideas! Oh, and Chocolate on my Cranium-- that is really was a funny typo! I almost wanted to leave it but I guess that some people might get the wrong idea about us crazy Mormon women :)

  6. Yay for your iPad! ;) I don't have an iPad, but I have an iPhone, and a lot of the apps are useful for both - like all the LDS resources apps (LDS Tools (ward directory on your iPad - sweet deal, eh?) Gospel Library, etc)

    My friend got this crazy app on hers that shows you two pictures and there are 5 things different in each set of pictures, and you have to find all the things that are different in a certain amount of time. Can't remember what the name was, but it was addictive :)

    I love eggplant. My mom and I like to put in in a veggie "stir fry" of sorts - we do eggplant, sweet potato, onion, etc etc - whatever we have on hand, then sauté in some olive oil and vinegar and season as needed with whatever you feel like that day. Yum yum!

    PS I love the GCBC - I want to start a women's scripture study group sometime.

  7. I don't have an iPad, but I have an iPod Touch, and I have lots of "kid" apps that my son loves. He likes Vocal Zoo (pictures of animals that make their sounds when you touch them), MiniPiano, Koi Pond, and one called Baby Apps that has a bunch of different pictures, games, etc. It is a lifesaver when I need him to sit still in the cart at the grocery store and other such places!