Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Home Evening When Dad is in the Military by Ailihn

Today's "This is What Family Home Evening Looks Like at My House" post is from one of my blogging buddies Ailihn. She blogs at Memoirs of Mrs. Harris and I am always so impressed with how she manages her two little ones with her husband being a way so often. She is an inspiration to me and has so much spunk and love for life that it is contagious!

We are the Harris bunch. I, Ailinh (i-lean) am 23. I am the wife, the mother, and head of the household... well, sometimes. Husband (25) is an active duty soldier in the army, so he's always on the go away from home. Sometimes we get to tag along with him (like right now--hooray!), most times we don't. Our bunch also includes two mini troopers (ages 2 years and 8 months). Home, to us, is where the army takes us.

Family Home Evening (FHE) is one of the priorities in our home. Although I wish I could say we have a set and stable structure of how we carry out family nights, I can't. The army highly demands hubby's time, so some Monday nights we don't have FHE. Sometimes it is on a Tuesday, Friday, or Sunday depending on when Hubby gets home from the field. Sometimes it's over the phone or on Skype. Sometimes it's cut short unexpectedly. Sometimes it's over an hour. Sometimes it's done when we're all together on the couch. Most times it's done being thousands of miles apart.

Our FHE structure varies. But we're used to it by now. We've learned how to make it work and how to make it totally worth doing even if that means we've got to sing opening songs on speaker or eat treats in front of the other thru a computer screen.

Recently, hubs and I came to a conclusion that we wanted to be sure I was familiar with the basics of the gospel, so I can be more prepared as an individual and as a mother to teach our kids. So hubby had a trés cool idea: use the lessons in Preach My Gospel as a weekly FHE lesson plan. He used this guidebook on his mission and it helped him tremendously to teach those who were investigating the LDS church to know more of Christ and God's plan. He believed using this to teach our family will surely do the same thing. And boy, it sure did!

We would flip cover to cover and learn each lesson from the book every week. Hubby would be the teacher, and I would look over the upcoming chapter and come prepared with questions and/or thoughts.

And seriously. Doing this was So. Neat. T'was a fantabulous idea!

We both learned a great deal about the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as about each other. And might I add... hearing Hub's testimony every week was such a turn on. He looked extra handsome when he speaks spiritual. I love me a man who loves the Lord!

Occasionally, hubby would leave for weeks or months at a time, so the home would feel bare and empty without him. But every FHE night when he logs onto the phone/computer and we share to one another our testimony we have of Jesus Christ, it's as if hubby has been home all along. The Lord truly does bless the home that welcomes the gospel of Jesus Christ. In our case, He strengthens us each week that we're apart, making our trials seem lighter and our burdens more bearable. It draws our family closer together to know that no matter how far we are from one another, no matter the time zone difference, we're always reminded that families can be together forever.

It's remarkable to know how something so simple as holding family nights can bring incredibly huge blessings.

And I totally dig it.

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  1. It's pretty awesome when we make modern technology work for families!!

    I'd like to study Preach my gospel in this way too! Great idea and beautiful family!!

  2. ailinh is seriously so awesome and so hardcore for taking good care of her 2 cute baby boys while her husband is away on duty. she inspires me to have FHE. we have a baby on the way and the apostles say being consistent with FHE is what make the family stronger. so my hubby and i need to get started and get in a habit of having FHE...

  3. Great post, Ailinh! I love how supportive you are of your husband's military career. It must be so hard to be away from him, but you do your best to make the very best of it.
    I also love how your husband and you study together. It is a wonderful way to get close to each other and God.

  4. What a neat tradition and a blessing that your husband will make FHE a priority even when he's away. Your family is beautiful.

  5. What a great example of making FHE work even with the scheduling and distance issues! I love the idea of using Preach My Gospel, too!

  6. She's an inspiration for me since my husband is in the army (I'm not a mom yet). Being in the army is hard, but the gospel will bless us as it does to her!
    Thank you!!!