Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Things for Friday, 6th Edition


So remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about how My Worth as a Woman is Not Dependent upon How my Children Behave in Church. Well, two Sundays ago I needed a HUGE dose of my own medicine because after a really hard day at church I ended up bawling... okay sobbing... on the Primary president's shoulder right in the middle of the hallway. She was so sweet and kept telling me that motherhood was hard, that everyone struggles, and that I was really doing a good job. I really don't know what came over me but I was a mess. I was suppose to conduct the Relief Society meeting but I couldn't pull myself together enough to do it. I ended up going home and bawling on my couch for the last half hour of church. Finally I was able to get it together enough to go back and pick up my family. From the moment I walked in the door I had arms around me from women telling me I was loved and that they could relate. Even though I was embarrassed to be seen at a weak moment they made me feel SO much better. Later I decided that if you are going to have an emotional breakdown that church is the BEST place to have it.

Oh, and just in case your are wondering church this week went much better. I think we will get this figured out yet!


I have been listening to some really wonderful programs lately on the Mormon Channel. This one called the "Lioness and the Lion" is about Brigham Young and Eliza R. Snow. It was fascinating and so uplifting. I also enjoyed the interview with Susan Easton Black, a religion professor at BYU. I took a class from her once and she is such a vivacious person. I also really loved the interviews on Women in the Scriptures with Camille Fronk, also a religion professor at BYU. Oh, and if you haven't heard the one with Julie Beck and her daughters you should definitely listen to that one! Any other good ones I've missed?

I think you truly know you are a mom when you no longer close your eyes during prayers... even when your children aren't around. Tuesday night I was at a Relief Society meeting and my kids were safely sequestered in the nursery but I realized that I still had my eyes open during the opening prayer and was scanning the room looking for someone misbehaving. I'm not quite sure how to break that habit!


I am probably the last person in the world to discover this but if you melt the butter before you add it to your choclate chip cookies they turn out amazing. Really they do. Who would have thought one little chemical process like melting could transform my hard as rock cookies into something yummy. Like I said you may already know this but it was pure revlation for me!


I had the great opportunity of interviewing Diana Webb the author of "Forgotten Women of God" and will be sharing it on Monday. She is such a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor. Her book is-- honestly-- one of my favorites and I can't wait to share some of the additional insights she shared with me!

Doesn't that make you excited for the weekend to be over :)


  1. LOL. You are funny, Heather. I feel like I stink as a mom lately too. Maybe i should have a breakdown at church.

  2. Oh I haven't listened to the interview on Women in the scriptures. I'll have to listen to that one. Thanks!

    Loved the Lion and the Lioness and the SEBlack one!

    I really loved the Sweetwater rescue Legacy broadcast. I know the story pretty well, so I was surprised I was so touched. The Conversation with the Hollands is also AWESOME.

  3. The Dalton's, Costa's, and Richard G. Scott's Conversations were also really good, I thought.

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying the Mormon Channel. I love listening to the scriptures on it, too. All of the conversations are great. I loved Susan Easton Black's and the Hollands. The Bednars interview is also great!

    Great site! Glad I stumbled on it.

  5. Heather--I wish I'd been there to hug you too!

    My mom never, ever, ever peeked during prayer (though my dad did! Division of labor?). When I was little, I used to ever so slightly open my eyes and watch her through my eyelashes, trying to catch her peeking. I never did. So now I feel like I have some moral duty, passed on from my mom, not to look. Sometimes I have to cover my eyes with my hands during prayer to remind myself.