Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quiet Book Swap

So after my post about my Very Simple Quiet Book one of my friends from college, Mommy D, emailed me with the perfect solution to my crafting handicap. She suggested that I host a "Quiet Book Swap". The idea behind this is to break up the massive work that the average quiet book requires. Instead of making 15 different pages each woman just makes 15 of the same page. Then we will compile all the different pages women make and send everyone a book that will have one of your pages in it and 14 others made by other women. I think it is a great idea and we are looking for about 15 women (or men) who are committed to doing this.

Mommy D is willing to do the organizational and coordination work. Here are the details she sent me:

1. First, you must have access to a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills. Most of the pages are fairly simple, but require basic sewing, stitching, and cutting.

2. Next, decide whether you want a fabulous quiet book! We’d like to have 10-15 participants. You must be absolutely serious about participating, because we want everyone who participates to have a nice “Quiet Book” at the end of the swap!

3. Look at quiet book pages and decide what you’d like to do. Here are a few options:

Go to and check out her pages, or any of the links. Here are some simple one-page options:

Button-on flowers and vase

Traffic Light


Bead counting page


Weave a tower

Teddy bear tie


Apple tree

Coconut Tree (counting coconuts)

Matching cupcake numbers (

Write a letter


Tic Tac Toe Page

Memory game page (

4. When you’ve decided what you want to do, email Crystal at with your top 3 options of pages you’d like to do. I will try and let you have the first choice of page you’d like to do, but we need everyone to do a different page, so that is why you need to choose a few that you’d be able to make.

5. Make 10-15 copies of the page you chose. I will mail you the felt to sew the quiet book on, but you will be responsible for all the other materials for your quiet book. Once we have everything organized, we will contact you further with dates and deadlines. We will have plenty of time to complete the quiet pages, about 2 months.

6. When your pages are done, send them to me in the mail! I will take care of sewing the pages together and binding them.

7. The cost for the background felt/sewing/binding, and shipping to you when the book is complete will be $10. I estimate it will cost $15-$25 for your materials for the pages you make, which makes the book around $25-$35. MUCH cheaper than buying a quiet book anywhere else! You can mail me cash when you send the finished pages, or use paypal if you’d feel more comfortable. Details on that will be given when we have organized everything and gotten ready to send out the felt for the background of the pages.

So , to sum up: We’re having a quiet book swap. Each participant will duplicate 10-15 copies of the SAME page. Stick to the deadline, do your best work, have fun, and get excited for the super-cute quiet book your little ones will enjoy for years to come!


  1. You might also like some of the quiet book ideas at

  2. Oh how I wish I knew how to sew! Definitely need to learn...

  3. I sent my e-mail! Sounds like a fun project.

  4. You could also do it where you make a few more, sell them to those of us who can't make them, and thus take care of the cost of putting them together.

  5. When we get it all set up, we'll see if people would be willing to make a few more pages, email me (Crystal) if you might want to do this option, and we'll see if it would work! For example, if only 1-2 people would want to buy one, that might be ok. But if 10 people want to buy one, it might be too overwhelming to make that many pages, lol!