Monday, January 31, 2011

"Honoring Eve" by Marilyn Hull

I discovered this narrative written by one of the older women at my church. She has given me permission to share it with you. I can't tell you how moved I am by her depiction of Eve. Marilyn has brought Eve to life in a beautiful way and reading this makes me even more eager for the day when I will get to meet Eve face to face. What incredible love she must have had for each one of us.

"The Mother of All Living" by Al Young

I am Eve. Adam gave me that name because I am the mother of all living...does that sound singular? It filled me with wonder, but not all at first. In the early years it was enough just to be a mother, along with working and discovering beside Adam.

When I lost our son, Abel, I felt wasted... I missed his caring, whether it was for his sheep or his brothers and sisters... how I missed Abel. But for Cain I grieved more. Cain didn't loose his life suddenly... gradually he lost his soul. When he was about to part as a vagabond I couldn't see the light in his eyes... I grieve for Cain still.

Yes I had others. You've heard of Seth... just like his father was Seth... but a mother doesn't divide her love, but adores each child with whole heart. To lose Abel on earth and Cain in the eternities agonized my heart. With other sons and daughters I carried on... Mothers do... and there was much to learn and do so we could survive.

What did I feel about being the mother of humankind? On blessed Sabbaths when I could rest some and when our Creator kindly talked with Adam and me, and also at times when I was alone gathering food I found time to reflect on the meaning of my name, Eve, Mother of all living... matriarch of those spirits in heaven to be born into bodies on earth... you. In his mercy God gave peace to my soul concerning you.

The knowledge came gradually that though I had forgotten much, including you in the pre-existence, I was the same personality. Mine was a caring disposition... I think I was concerned for you in the spirit world and thus chosen to be Adam's help meet. We all have gifts from God, our Father; mine was compassion. I must have wanted your spirits to be housed in a body too... a wondrous gift! Is that part of the wisdom I sought in the Garden? Is that what caused me to partake of the forbidden fruit or was it weakness?

This is a sideline thought, and perhaps merely wistful, but I didn't have the privilege of knowing and earthy mother... and, you know, I didn't realize how lovely Eden was until stones blistered my feet and gathering wood calloused my hands. I cried in pain with every child's birth... but when I looked into each baby's face and saw innocent light shining through those eyes... looking at me, dependent on me... that was the beauty I most desired. You understand.

Was it worth it, my taking the fruit forbidden? Look at yourselves, my children... was it? I would never go back on my decision in the Garden. And when we see your return to our Father here in heaven I am filled with gratitude to Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and with love and joy for you... my dear child.


  1. I love this. It is beautiful. Tell your friend and sister, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I've got a secret. I love when you post something, in love with your blog really. I get so excited to read them all. And I wait for my husband to call home the night I read them because I am so excited to share with him what I've learned. I just love ya Heather, you are really something!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful and I echo your thoughts on Eve at the beginning. I'm really eager to see her again, face to face.

  4. Lovely, thanks for sharing! Makes me wonder what gems the sisters in my ward have tucked away...

  5. Oh wow! I love this post! I haven't told you before but Thank You for writing this blog! It has helped me A LOT! I feel more love and gratitude for the women in the scriptures. I find myself reading more about them and enjoying to get to know them better. I also have developed a stronger gratitude and admiration to Eve that I am even naming my new baby girl: Eva (Eve in spanish). Thank you.