Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Lucky Winners Are...

Before I announce the winners of the giveaway I wanted to share the results of my question "Who is your favorite woman in the scriptures." I LOVED reading your responses. Here are the women who made the list and the number of women who listed her as their favorite:

Mary, mother of Christ-- 14
Eve- 6
Sariah- 5
Hannah- 4
Ruth- 3
Jael- 2
Esther- 2
Abish- 2
Great woman of Shunem (2 Kings 4)- 1
Naomi- 1
Woman with the issue of blood- 1
Emma Smith- 1
Sarah- 1
Nephi's wife- 1
Martha- 1
Elisabeth- 1

I think I'd have to add my vote to Eve. I love all the women in the scriptures, but I can't wait untll the day I get to meet Eve. I'd give anything to sit down and hear her version of what happened in the garden :)

Okay and now onto the winners... drum roll please....

The Grand Prize winner of Maren Scott's "My Beloved Son"

is Ashlee at Everyday Love

First Prize winner of Flor Lario's "Nativity Star"

is Sus
(Sus, I don't have an email or web address for you so PLEASE email me heatherlady at with your information SOON so I can get you your prize)

Second Prize winner of the vinyl art from iTwaddle is

Jocelyn Christensen of "We Talk of Christ, We Preach of Christ"

and the third prize winner of the $15 dollar gift certificate to Our Happy Home

is RGG of "The 72 Hour Rule"

Congrats to these lucky winners and thanks to the wonderful artists who were generous enough to share their work!

I so wish I had more gifts to give the rest of you but know I am sending you my love, which is almost as good as a piece of art work ;)


  1. Thank you OH SO MUCH! I'm so excited...make sure you read my final post for the family proclamation celebration tomorrow...all the way to the end! (hint, hint!)

  2. Hi Heather
    Thank you very much, I am honored. I have been thinking about that woman with the issue of blood. Two Sundays ago, I met a sister who had a testimony of that scripture and the healing power of Jesus Christ. It seems that Daughter has a name.
    Thank you Heather
    God bless you!!!

  3. Hooray for the winners! That is so wonderful that you could give away prizes. Thanks for your blog, Heather. i really enjoy reading it and pondering the topics. It turns my thoughts heavenward.

  4. I choose Eve too. I love that woman, she choose motherhood, and in turn I was able to choose motherhood too. For that I will be forever grateful.