Saturday, September 4, 2010

Divinely Appointed

"We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed."
- from The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Me after the birth of my daughter, little over a year ago.

I used to struggle with my body image. For most of my teenage years and early adult life loving and accepting my body was a huge challenge for me.

Yet all of that changed during the birth of my daughter. Her birth was a powerful and intense experience for me and during it I got a glimpse into eternity and realized the divinity of women and the sacredness of our bodies.

In the year since my daughter's birth I've come to see that the "means by which mortal life is created" is a four step process

... beginning with intimacy...

... followed by the miracle of conception...

... pregnancy...

... and culminating in the birth of a new human soul.

All four of these things-- intimacy, conception, pregnancy and birth-- are parts of the same process and each are necessary to create mortal life. All four parts of this process take place within a woman's body.

A woman's body IS the means by which mortal life is created and as such her body is divinely appointed.

As I've come to understand this beautiful part of the Proclamation on the Family it has complete changed my appreciation and understanding of my body. I see now that my body is literally a temple of God-- a place where spirits pass through the veil into this world, a place where God works incredible miracles.

Now when I look in the mirror instead of seeing faults I see a woman's whose body, regardless of its actually ability to give birth, has been divinely appointed to create, birth and nurse new life into existence.

I see that I am sacred.

I see that I am divine.

I see that I am a woman.

This post was written as part of the "Celebrate Family" celebration hosted by Chocolate on my Cranium and We Talk of Christ in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Proclamation on the Family. You should go over and find out ways that you can celebrate the family this month! What they are doing is amazing.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was truly what I needed this week.

  2. What that was truly special. You have really taught me and opened my eyes to something that I hadn't fully considered before...thank you! - Jocelyn

  3. Thanks for sharing this. There needs to be more voices sharing what the beauty of womanhood is really about.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful picture

  5. I loved this! I will be linking this to my blog. As I read I thought, "I hope she can share this great testimony with the YW." I was just released as YW president and I loved having these conversations w/ them. If you are not in the YW in your ward, I hope that you will ask to be a guest speaker in class or at a fireside! The YW president and the YW would love it!!!

  6. This is a beautiful essay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Well said.

  7. Beautiful post! Truly a wonderful message every woman, young or old, should hear.

    Don't forget to link to this on my post too!

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  8. I know this was from last year but I just came across it today because of checking things out on Chocolate on my Cranium. I was intrigued to see how others had expressed their ideas about The Family a Proclamation. Your words express so beautifully the sacredness of the role of women. Thank you.