Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Testimony for Emma

Today is Emma Hale Smith's 207th birthday! I really appreciate everyone who has participated in her birthday celebration this week. It has been a really wonderful experience. I mentioned before that I'd like to give Emma a birthday present this year and that as I pondered on what she'd appreciate most I felt like she would want to hear people share their testimony of the Book of Mormon.

So Emma, here is my birthday present for you.
The first time I ever prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true was when I was a Freshman at college. I'd read the Book of Mormon several times throughout my life and had always felt like I had a testimony of it. Yet I was now at a point in my life where I had to make lots of hard decisions and I felt like it was extremely important that I know, once and for all, if the Book of Mormon was really from God or if I had been deceived my whole life. So after re-reading through the whole Book of Mormon I fasted for a whole day-- my first 24 hour fast. When I was finished I knelt down at my desk chair to ask God if the book was correct-- I can still remember how the light poured in through the window and how nervous I was. I was scared that I would get an answer and that no matter what it was I would have to change the way I was living my life. I also think I was terrified that I might not get any answer at all. Yet I put my fears aside and I poured out my heart to God. I told Him what I was struggling with and that I really needed to know if the Book of Mormon was from Him. I didn't get an answer at first. In fact, I remember thinking that I should just get up off my knees because I was being ridiculous. Yet, then I had this beautiful sense of peace wash over me and a still small voice spoke to my soul saying, "Heather, you already knew it was true." The truth of those words enveloped me and I knew that I did know and that I had seen, first hand, how the wisdom and power of the Book of Mormon had blessed my life over and over-- I didn't need any further witness.

I haven't ever forgotten the feeling I had that day and it has changed the focus and direction of my life. I can confidently say that the Book of Mormon has been the most influential book in my life. Through it my testimony of the Bible has been strengthened and my love and understanding of my Savior Jesus Christ. If you haven't ever read the Book of Mormon, you are missing out on one of the world's greatest treasures.

Thank you Emma for all you did to help bring it to the light. I will be eternally grateful.



If you have written your own present for Emma on your blog PLEASE link up to it below. I would love to read it, and I'm sure others would too.

Happy Birthday Emma!


  1. Oh my goodness... Thank you so much! That was a beautiful testimony and I had almost the exact same experience.

    Here's my post:

    thank you for this opportunity!

  2. Here's my post as well:

  3. I never believed her negative press and always admired the sacrifices she made for the faith, an elect lady she is. Thanks for this series. Happy Birthday dear Emma.

  4. Thank you so much for your testimony! I have always felt a special love for Emma and her courage. I also am so grateful for the sacrifices she made in the Restoration of the gospel. Such an amazing lady.

  5. Thanks for doing this, Heather! We linked to your testimony in our Book of Mormon series. Here is a link to the testimonies of the Book of Mormon we have recently shared on Mormon Women -- a day late, we know, but better late than never, right?

  6. I was given the opportunity of giving a talk on Emma's Birthday. Though not exclusively my testimony of the Book of Mormon, as a birthday present to her I chose to share it.