Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspired, once again, by Sister Beck

I didn't get to go to Women's Conference at BYU this year but Shantel gave a review about the talk Sister Julie Beck, the President of the Relief Society, gave at the opening meeting and her post got me interested in what was said... so I found a copy of the talk online.

I think I am in danger of becoming a Sister Beck "groupie" because every time she opens her mouth I feel like the heavens have opened and poured out exactly what I needed to hear. This talk was no exception. There were several things that impressed me (which I will probably share later) but I especially loved the part where she talked about her own personal scripture study of Rebekah and how she spent weeks and months studying her story. As much as I've studied women in the scriptures I can't say that I've ever spent months studying one woman. I am so impressed by what she learned through her study and am inspired, not only to study the story of Rebekah, but also to spend more time on each woman in the scriptures... maybe even weeks, or months, if needed.

Really... I LOVE Sister Beck. Here is what she said:

"I spent quite a few months this last winter studying about Rebekah from the Old Testament. I have been taken by her mission and what she had to do... I have loved studying her characteristics, her circumstances, her blessings, her journeys, her family, her experiences, and her challenges. She had a very full mortal experience. It had its highs and its lows. I have learned that she was one of the most pivotal and important people in the history of mankind, certainly in the house of Israel. Without a Rebekah, the house of Israel would not have been brought forth. Without a Rebekah who knew who she was, the house of Israel would not have been brought forth. Without a Rebekah who knew her responsibilities in the house of Israel, that house would not have come to pass. Without a Rebekah who knew how to receive revelation, the house of Israel would not have been brought forth. Without a Rebekah who understood the blessings of the priesthood, the house of Israel would not have been brought forth.

The lesson for me in all the hours and months of studying Rebekah and her family is that each of us in our day is as important to our generation and to our time as Rebekah was in her time. We each are pivotal in our families, and the success of the house of Israel is now dependent on millions of Rebekah’s who understand what their place and mission is on the earth. Each of us is a daughter of heavenly parents, and as part of the house of Israel, we come from royal blood. When we choose our mission, we have power and influence in that royal house and in the Lord’s work. He is depending on us.

...If that one woman, that one Rebekah had failed in any part of her responsibility, how would the house of Israel have come forth? She understood and knew her importance, and she never lived to see the outcome of her commitment. Those blessings are just now beginning to unfold after these many thousands of generations, but her blessings are happening in the world. I can see the house of Israel being gathered up, the temples being built. That is what she invested her life for.

... I have a little exercise for those of you who want something specific to do in your scripture study. Get a new little copy of the Book of Mormon. In the front of it, open to a blank page and write three questions: Who am I? What are my responsibilities in the house of Israel? How do I fulfill my responsibilities? As you read and study, you will find some blank pages in the back. You can add Post-it notes if you like. Start writing your answers in the back as you read, and you will have a journey of discovery about who you are. It doesn’t matter how long this study takes. Take one month, take ten years, and discover who you are. When you finish studying those questions in the Book of Mormon, study them in the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Old Testament. The Lord knows who you are. He knows what your responsibilities are and how you can fulfill them. Power and strength will come to you as you understand who you are in the Lord’s kingdom."

I think I am going to take her her challenge.


  1. I loved this thought! Thank you for posting it! Another idea that I am working on myself. As I read the Book of Mormon, I keep a journal that is dedicated to this project. After each chapter, I write how it pertains to me. I write what is important and what I have learned. Someday, I want my children to have this copy of my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It will be personal to them because it tell how the Book of Mormon was personal to me.

  2. I love this! I was just thinking the other day that I needed something to guide my scripture study. I am currently half way through Alma in my little economy Book of Mormon, so now I have motivation to finish quickly so I can start my new book with Sister Beck's challenge. Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. i love sister beck, too. she is great. she spoke at our stake conference a few weeks ago and i posted about it on my blog at www.mangostarblog.blogspot.com, if you want to read about that. anyway, i like her challenge, too and i also like patty ann's suggestion. i am grateful for great women like you and sister beck who help me stay focused on the things that are important! thank you for this blog. i love it!

  4. Are you kidding me? (about the garden)...that is awesome. I want to see that plan for sure!