Friday, January 2, 2009

Back from Break

Hello again. I hope you all had a great Christmas, mine turned out to be wonderful-- if you want to read more about it click here. It was nice to spend so much time with family. Also, I think I did a good job at making Christmas more Christ centered this year. One thing that really helped was revamping our "Jesus Gift". Growing up my family always wrote a gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve. The gift could be anything you wanted it to be, usually I promised to be kinder, pray more and read my scriptures more. After writing them we put them into the box, which my mom wrapped like a fancy present, with out reading them to each other. Then on Christmas morning it was the first gift we opened (usually) and read them out loud to each other. The idea was that during the year we would strive to keep our gift to Jesus.

On our very first Christmas together my husband made me a little wood box for our Jesus box. We've carried on the tradition in our family, but the problem is that I often forget what I my gift to Jesus is not long after Christmas is over. This year we thought we would change it a bit. On the first Monday of December we got the Jesus box out and each wrote a gift of service that we would give Jesus before Christmas-- a personal one and a family one. They weren't anything big or grandiose, just small and simple things. We put them in the the box and stuck it under the tree-- right in the front so it would remind us-- and went to work. It was amazing. Focusing on service really transformed my Christmas. I found myself more interested what I was doing for others, rather than what others were doing for me. I found myself listening more and praying more and feeling more peace. I felt more connected to the people around me and I felt more love for them and more concern about how they were feeling. I truly felt more Christlike.

On Christmas Eve (actually a few days early) we read our gift to Jesus out loud and told about our experiences. Some of the service didn't get completely finished, but we've decided that as long as you get some of it done before Christmas you have till next year to get the rest of your Jesus gift done. I like this-- it means that I will be able to take this new found joy for service and spread it throughout the whole year! How was your Christmas?

Oh, and check back in next week as I'll be starting up Wednesday's Woman again and I have one that I am especially excited about.

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