Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every Other Wednesday's Woman

So, I've decided to only post a new woman every other Wednesday. I underestimated the amount of work that goes into researching and studying out a woman's life. I initially thought that perhaps on weeks when I didn't have time to do a good study, I could just post a "smaller, insignificant woman"; someone who was only mentioned as the wife of so-and-so, or the mother of s0-and-so. But I've realized that THERE ARE NO INSIGNIFICANT WOMEN.

As I started going though my list, I realized that every woman had a story to tell. Even the seemingly most insignificant woman in the scriptures once lived, breathed, cried, rejoiced, loved, and was loved by someone. I don't feel like I can do justice to each woman until I take the time to study the time period in which she lived, the events that surrounded and shaped her life, and come to understand those who loved her and those whom she loved. Consequently, I'm not going to just be able to "slap" a woman up on the blog, like I initially thought I would. So, as not to overwhelm myself I am going to alternate-- on Wednesday a new woman and the next a question. I hope that these questions will be interactive and that readers will feel free to LEAVE COMMENTS about their opinions and thoughts.

So this week's WEDNESDAY'S QUESTION is....

Who is your favorite woman in the scriptures and what does she mean to you?

Who knows, maybe you'll give me some ideas about who to post on next!

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